5 Leadership Qualities of God

5 Leadership Qualities of God May 17, 2016

5 Leadership Qualities of God

5 Leadership Qualities of God is a simple thought reflection from Psalm 48:1-14.

May 17, 2016 Year C

Psalm 48:1-14

Many church leaders look to a variety of books on leadership. They seek Christian and secular sources, experts, and gurus to find the keys to being a great leader. Yet the Bible has a catalogue of great leadership examples. Psalm 48 is a great example of the leadership skills of God.

Christians talk about following the leadership of God. This psalm shows us why we can trust that leadership. There are five qualities that prove to us that God’s leadership can be trusted to follow.


1. Strength (Psalm 48:1-3)

God is strong. Throughout the Bible, people lean on God because of His strength. Here in this Psalm, the people praise God in His place because it symbolizes His strength. He resides in Zion, on a holy mountain because He is strong enough to be viewed from afar. His strength is there to protect us. But God doesn’t just display His strength. God acts on that strength.

2. Action (Psalm 48:4-7)

Every great leader leads people in action. God acts for His people. Even though other leaders assemble against Him (Psalm 48:4), God acts for His people.  God takes His strength and uses it to protect His people. God will take His strength and act for you.

3. Timelessness (Psalm 48:8)

Every great leader has a timeless quality about them. One can look back at them and review what made them great. They are remembered for their accomplish and people try to copy their methods and characteristics. We look to Alexander the Great and Napoleon for military leadership insights. We draw on the lives of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln for insight into important lessons to learn in times of transition and difficulty. So it is with God. He is eternal. His reign is forever. We will be looking to Him for leadership for eternity.

4. Love (Psalm 48:9-11)

Ultimately, leaders must love the people they lead (Psalm 48:9). They must show that they care for their people. God loves His people. He is just and His judgments are righteous. The decisions God makes as a leader are based on the fact that He loves the people He leads. People know if their leaders care for them. God’s people know that God cares for them (Psalm 48:11). The ability to sense that a leader loves and cares for His people is related to trustworthiness.

5. Trustworthiness (Psalm 48:12-14)

If people are to be led properly, they must trust the leader. The people look to their city and notice how much their leader cares for them (Psalm 48:12-13). He has provided protection and they will be able to pass on stories of the work their leader has done for them (Psalm 48:13). As Christians, we trust God to lead us because He is trustworthy. He has guided us in the past and He will guide us in the future.

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