God’s Love Is My Refuge

God’s Love Is My Refuge May 30, 2016

God’s Love Is My Refuge

God’s Love Is My Refuge is a simple thought reflection from Psalm 5:1-12

May 30, 2016 Year C

Psalm 5:1-12

God’s love in my refuge. There are times when I may feel sad (Psalm 5:1), or pray to God in times of difficulty (Psalm 5:2-3). I can depend upon God. He is bigger and stronger than all kinds of evil that may come my way. God is stronger than:

The wicked (Psalm 5:4)

The boastful (Psalm 5:5)

The evildoers (Psalm 5:5)

The liars (Psalm 5:6)

The violent (Psalm 5:6)

What makes God strong enough to help me overcome the fear that comes from people who do evil? The strength I gain comes from the power that comes from the abundance of God’s love (Psalm 5:7).

God’s love leaves me awestruck in His presence (Psalm 5:7). Out of His love, He leads me to right living (Psalm 5:8). Unlike the evildoers who speak lies, God’s love is completely reliable (Psalm 5:9).

God’s love allows me to let go and let God handle it (Psalm 5:10). How does God punish evildoers? God allows their schemes to fail (Psalm 5:10). God drives them out because of their rebellion against Him (Psalm 5:10).

On the other hand, God’s love allows the righteous to shout for joy because of His protection (Psalm 5:11). God’s love surrounds the righteous and those who trust Him with favor (Psalm 5:12). God’s love is refuge that can keep me safe and secure, no matter what evil may come my way.

Prayer: Thank You God that I don’t have to fear because Your love is my refuge. Thank You that Your love protects me and helps me in times of need.

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