Joshua 24:15 The Ride of Your Life

Joshua 24:15 The Ride of Your Life July 24, 2016

Joshua 24:15 The Ride of Your Life

And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”” (Joshua 24:15, ESV)

Welcome everybody to SonWorld Adventure Park VBS—a place to learn about Jesus. All this week, our kids will discover how great it is to choose Jesus and follow Him. When you choose Jesus as your Savior and guide for life, he takes you on an amazing adventure—a thrilling ride—just like a rollercoaster. Riding with Jesus is the ride of your life.

In a world that’s full of options, at SonWorld Adventure Park VBS we will be encouraged to make five good choices that honor God and make life a great adventure and full of purpose. Now, come and join us. Let’s go to SonWorld Adventure Park VBS and see all the fun we will have this week. Right now, let’s review those five choices.1

  1. Choose to believe.

On day #1, our students will enjoy a funny story from the Bible in John chapter 9. Here, Jesus meets a man who had been blind all his life. To heal the man, Jesus spit on the ground, made a mud paste, put it on the man’s eyes, and then told him to wash off the mud. When the man did, his eyes were opened. He could see! Jesus healed him! In a similar way, Jesus takes those who are spiritually blind—who cannot see God—and Jesus gives them the ability to see God. Will you choose to believe?

A blind man was given sight by Jesus. Afterwards, the man went and told people that Jesus is God’s promised Savior. Will you choose to believe?

  1. Choose to act.

On day # 2, our students walked with Jesus in Luke 17, where Jesus heard the cries of ten men who had a terrible skin disease called leprosy. When the men called out for help, Jesus healed them all. In a similar way, Jesus takes the spiritually sick and makes them whole. Will you choose to act? When you do, people are changed.

Ten men with the disease of leprosy were healed by Jesus. Many people around us need God’s love. Will you choose to act?

3. Choose to forgive.

On day # 3, our students sat in a crowded room in Mark 2, listening to Jesus talk. All of the sudden, some people dug a hole in the roof above our heads. A paralyzed man was lowered down on a mat by his friends—right in front of Jesus. Jesus told the lame man, “Your sins are forgiven” and then he told the man, “Rise up, take up your mat, and walk.” And immediately, the lame man was healed. He stood up and walked! In a similar way, Jesus takes the spiritually lame and paralyzed—whose efforts cannot earn God’s favor—and Jesus gives them the ability to walk with God. Jesus forgives your sins. Will you choose to forgive? That lame man sure had some good friends. They didn’t let a big crowd keep stop them from getting their lame friend to Jesus. They just decided to tear the roof off.

When a paralyzed man was first forgiven of his sins and then healed by Jesus, people saw that Jesus has the power to forgive sin. Will you choose to forgive?

  1. Choose to obey.

On day # 4, our students were witnesses to a discussion in Luke 18 between Jesus and a rich young ruler. The ruler asked Jesus, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus said, “What must you do? What you must do is keep all the commandments.” The ruler said, “Jesus, I’ve kept them all.” Then Jesus said, “Oh, there’s one more.” Sell all your possessions, give them to the poor, and then come and follow me.” When the rich young ruler heard that, he turned and walked away. Jesus wants us to obey Him in all our choices, not just when it’s easy. Will you choose to obey?

A rich young ruler met Jesus, seeking eternal life. When he learned what he needed to give up in order to follow Jesus, he walked away sadly. Will you choose to obey?

  1. Choose to believe.

On day #5, we also heard the Bible’s most thrilling story. But it starts off sad. Jesus was arrested by enemies and killed on a cross. He was buried in a cave. And he laid there for three days. But on the third day, Jesus rose from the dead. He defeated sin and death. He truly can forgive sins and grant eternal life to all who believe. Mary and the disciples saw the risen Lord with their very own eyes. But Thomas did not. He said, “Unless I see Jesus for myself, I will not believe.” A whole week went by. And then, Jesus came and appeared to his disciples. This time, Thomas was there. Jesus said to Thomas, “Stop doubting and believe.” And Thomas replied, “My Lord and my God!” Will you choose Jesus? Will you choose to believe in Him? If you will, you can be sure of this—Jesus will lead you all the way.

The disciple Thomas doubted that Jesus had actually risen from the dead. But when Thomas saw Jesus alive with his very own eyes, he believed. Will you choose Jesus?

Now let’s introduce our team leaders who will be lead our VBS. [HAVE THE LEADERS COME FORWARD]

Vacation Bible School is this church’s biggest outreach in the year. We reach out to more families in one week than we reach out to at any time of the rest of the year. We can all be involved. Whether it is leading the music, helping with crafts, telling a story, sharing the mission, or serving, everyone here can make a contribution to letting people who need Jesus choose Him.

Tonight, we will meet to pray for the Vacation Bible School. Khalib Jordan and Brandon Beeson will lead the prayer walk that we will have. We will walk all over this church and the Activity Center to pray for this Vacation Bible School. I am encouraging you to come out tonight and pray that God will draw people here. We can pray that people will come out for the ride. We can pray that people will choose Jesus. You can be part of that prayer movement tonight. So come out and join us. Let’s go to SonWorld Adventure Park VBS and see all the fun we will have this week.

1Ted Weis, “SonWorld Adventure Park VBS Rally,” 1 June 2008, Internet, Accessed on 22 July 2016. The points of this sermon were used from this blogpost.

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