5 Prayers To Protect Me Everyday

5 Prayers To Protect Me Everyday October 20, 2016

5 Prayers To Protect Me Everyday

October 19, 2016 Year C
Psalm 57:1-11

Just like David, sometimes we look for protection against the dangers in life. In the case of David, he was a fugitive. King Saul sent out people to try to kill David. Yet, no matter what the danger may be, we can feel just as insecure as David perhaps felt. In this prayer, David calls out to pray for protection. He begs God to help him during this time of difficulty.

I believe that this psalm reveals to us five different ways that we can ask God for protection everyday.


1. Be gracious (Psalm 57:1)

David is asking for God’s grace to help protect him. He is placing his faith not just in the cave he hides in. The means of protection is not as important as the God who is gracious to protect us. Even though David hides in a cave, he knows that his true protection comes not from the means – the cave. Instead, God is the One who hides David. God is gracious to produce a shadow big enough to hide in until the danger passes. God produces a supernatural cloaking device or invisibility shield until the danger left. If God can do that with David in a cave, He can do that today with me.

2. Reveal Your purpose (Psalm 57:2)

I am quite sure that David was wondering why he had to spend time hiding in a cave. “What’s the purpose of this?” Don’t we all want to know sometimes why God puts us in certain situations? Why am still here in this town? Why am I still going through this struggle with my kids?

3. Reach down (Psalm 57:3-6)

Sometimes, don’t you wish that God would just swoop down from Heaven and solve your problems? I think David is saying that here. He recalls the times when he was surrounded by lions. He remembers a time when his enemies prepared a net to capture him, or a pit for him to fall in. Remembering this experiences made David feel despondent. He was deeply discouraged by negative thoughts. Dare I say it, perhaps David was a bit depressed.

Yet David reminds himself that God is to be exalted. He wants to God’s glory to fill the Earth. The reason is because He knows that God will handle the situation in the end. The pit that David’s enemies dug will be the same pit which the enemies will fall into. It’s not karma. It’s consequences for not trusting in God.

4. Build my confidence (Psalm 57:7)
The purpose of God’s reaching down is for me to be strengthened. I discover during times like this that I can’t do everything alone. I need God’s help. I need His strength. I need God to help me build my confidence.

As God shows His grace, reveals His purpose, and reaches down, it helps to build my confidence. As I realize that God is there with me all the way, and that I am not alone, I can see that I will get through this difficult time.

5. Be exalted (Psalm 57:5, Psalm 57:7-11)

The psalm crescendos from a plea for help into a performance of praise. David calls on his soul to wake up and praise God. God deserves one’s praise because of His faithful love.

When David spends more time praising God, he spends less time worrying about his circumstances. The same can said for me. I can spend time giving God excuses about my problems or I can spend time exalting God about His protection.

Prayer: God, I praise You because You protect me everyday.

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