5 Ways to Protect Myself From Sin

5 Ways to Protect Myself From Sin November 17, 2016

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Psalm 141:1-10

Jesus saved me from the eternal consequences of sin. The punishment for my sin has been paid for on the cross. Yet, while I still live and breathe in this world, I am responsible to protect myself from sin. The best way to protect myself from sin is to continue building my relationship with Christ.

In this psalm, David reminds me that I can take an effort to protect myself from sin. Just as a person would take an effort to protect their homes from burgarly, I can protect myself from. Being tempted to sin.



1. Call (Psalm 141:1-2)

I have to call out to God for help. I have to remind myself that God is the only One who can protect me. Calling out to Him reminds me that God is bigger than my sin.

2. Guard (Psalm 141:3-4)

I have to make an effort to guard myself from sin. Sin tempts me and I have to make an effort to resist its seductive nature. The only way to do that is put rituals in place to guard myself.

Rituals are what brings us to sin and they can keep us from sin. It may not sound like much, but I engage in a ritual when I engage in sin. Patterns repeat when I want to sin. If I let something irritate me, I get angry, and then react. The triggers are the beginning of rituals. An addict will engage in acts and go to places where they can find their addiction.

This works in positive direction as well. Spending time in the Bible and prayer can guide the day and guard the heart. It won’t be completely foolproof because I can’t completely resist sin. I may still sin on occassion. However, I can overcome a life that is filled with sin.

3. Rebuke (Psalm 141:5)

To overcome sin, I need to be confronted. Nathan confronted David about his adultery with Bathsheba. To really overcome sin, I need a rebuke. I need someone I am willing to listen to explain what I am doing wrong. I need an intervention.

4. Break (Psalm 141:6-7)

What is the result of that intervention? Brokenness. Just as an addiction needs to be confronted, and then they break, I need to come to a point of brokenness about my sin. I need to realize the consequences of my sin. I need to feel hurt, remorse, and eventually hate for my sin.

5. Look (Psalm 141:8-10)

Overcoming sin does not mean that I will not avoid it again. I have to continually look out for it. I keep my eyes on God. He protects me from the traps that sin sets for me by people who engage in sin. As I continue to look to God, He helps me pass safely by sin. God is the only One who can protect me from sin. He alone loves me enough to help me from sinning.

Prayer: Grace, grace, God’s grace. Grace that is greater than all my sin. God, remind me about Your protection so that I may not continue to sin against You.

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