5 Positive Results for Obeying God’s Word

5 Positive Results for Obeying God’s Word February 9, 2017

5 Positive Results for Obeying God's Word

5 Positive Results for Obeying God’s Word

February 9, 2016 Year A

Psalm 119:1-8

Just like the psalmist, I am reminded that reading and obeying God’s word is a good thing. The Bible is unique because reading and obeying it can change a person. The reason is because the Bible is supernatural. The Bible opens up the Holy Spirit to help change me. There are positive results when I allow God to use His Word to instruct and change who I am.


1. It helps  me live life with joy and integrity (Psalm 119:1)

When I obey God’s Word, I can live life positively. The reason is because God’s Word is both true and truthful. That means that with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Word convicts me of sin and when I obey it, then I am free of that sin. This helps me live life with you and integrity. No one can blame me when I obey God’s Word.

2. It keeps me emotionally healthy (Psalm 119:2)

Obeying the Bible leads to my happiness because reading it helps me seek God. When I seek God’s face and presence, it helps me have peace This leads to me being happy and healthy emotionally.

3. It helps me  stay away from sin (Psalm 119:3)

I can be emotionally healthy because the Bible helps me stay away from sin. When I obey God’s Word, it tells me which sins to avoid. It instructs me in such a way that I will want to stop sinning and continue seeking God.

4. It frees me from guilt and shame (Psalm 119:4-6)

Guilt and shame are associated with sin. The reason is because I am disobeying God. When I obey the Bible, I will stop sinning. The guilt and shame associated with sin will go away.

This is only possible because Jesus paid the sin debt. So obeying God’s Word is not exercise in futility. The sin has been paid, and the penalty will be avoided. I am free to obey God without the need to appease God. I obey God because I love Him and that makes me happy.

5. It leads me to praise and worship (Psalm 119:7-8)

Because there is no penalty, I am free to praise and worship God. I am free to express my happiness to Him through praise. I am showing God that I love Him in worship. Positive praise and worship is a direct result of obeying God’s Word.

Prayer: God, thank You for Your Word. Thank you that by obeying Your Word, I can see positive results.

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