5 Cries to God for My Protection

5 Cries to God for My Protection May 11, 2017


5 Cries to God for My Protection

May 11, 2017 Year A

Psalm 31:1-5

In the movies, Superman is not just an American hero. He is Lois Lane’s protector.

In the original movie Superman, he comes to the rescue of Lois Lane. In Superman II, Superman turns back time to save Lois even after she has died. Superman moves Earth to protect her.

In the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, Superman is instantly there to protect Lois Lane. He moves quickly to save her in the desert a half a world away. No matter where she is in the world, Lois makes one cry of fear for help, and Superman is instantly there.

Here, David makes a cry for help to God. He cries for God’s protection in the same way that Lois cry’s for Superman’s help. Like Superman, God instantly hears David’s cries. Here are five different cries for help that David (as well as you and I) may sound out to God:


1. Save me! (Psalm 31:1)

“Lord, I seek refuge in You; let me never be disgraced. Save me by Your righteousness.” (Psalm 31:1, HCSB)

The first cry for help is to be saved. David is under attack and needs salvation. He calls out of safety and security. The only way to salvation is through God’s righteousness. David knows this and says that his safety comes through God’s righteousness (Psalm 31:1).

2. Rescue me! (Psalm 31:2)

“Listen closely to me; rescue me quickly. Be a rock of refuge for me, a mountain fortress to save me.” (Psalm 31:2, HCSB)

David doesn’t want to just be saved, he needs rescuing. He needs a place of security where he can feel safe. God is that fortress and refuge. God is a safe place for David. God is not just the protector. He can provide a place of security.

God delivers us from our difficult situation and sets us in a place that is safe.

3. Lead me! (Psalm 31:3)

“For You are my rock and my fortress; You lead and guide me because of Your name.” (Psalm 31:3, HCSB)

From this safe place, God leads me. God has a reputation (His name) for providing a way out. God led the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt. God led His people through the desert to the place He promised for them God led His people to victory in various battles. God protected them along the way. He will do the same for you and me.

4. Free me! (Psalm 31:4)

“You will free me from the net that is secretly set for me, for You are my refuge.” (Psalm 31:4, HCSB)

God sees the traps that are set for you in the future. He knows more about your future than you do. He knows that you will get in a bind sometimes. You will be pulled into a net that traps you. That net could be a financial net of debt, an emotional net of discouragement, or a relational net of harm. No matter the net, God will free you from it.

5. Redeem me! (Psalm 31:5)

“Into Your hand I entrust my spirit; You redeem me, Lord, God of truth.” (Psalm 31:5, HCSB)

This verse foreshadows the same plea that Jesus makes on the cross when He dies. Jesus says “I entrust my spirit into Your hands.” Jesus dies and then goes immediately to God the Father in Heaven. Jesus doesn’t have to be redeemed. He is the One doing the redeeming. This is why He only quotes part of this verse.

Yet, for us, in order to get to God at death, we need redemption. Sin keeps people away from God for eternity. Jesus paid the price to buy us back so that God could give us protection for eternity. God made a way to protect us from Hell and Death. He did that by letting His Son Jesus pay for our sin on the cross.

Jesus death on the cross was the ultimate price for protection. Jesus ensured that God could protect me for eternity.

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