How Jesus Gives Me HELP

How Jesus Gives Me HELP August 30, 2017


How Jesus Gives Me HELP

August 30, 2017

John 10:7-10

Jesus said that He is the Door to the sheep. He is the Guide. He is the Pathway. If we enter by Him, then we will be saved and find pasture.

That means that Jesus will HELP me give pasture. To the sheep, pasture is the life.

H – Help (“I have come”)

Jesus is the help I need. Does He solve all my problems? No. Does He provide me with ways to solve all of my problems? Sometimes. Does He help me when my problems are too big to handle alone? Yes.

Jesus comes to me. He comes to you. The Savior comes and as the Door, as the Good Shepherd, He provides help.

E – Everyone (“they”)

Who are they? They are everyone. But not everyone is everyone. Everyone is defined by people who “enter by Me.” Those who are saved. So while the help that Jesus provides is for people who come to Him. The help Jesus provides is for people who are “saved” by Him. You can’t get the help unless you come to Jesus.

L – Live (“life”)

Jesus is all about living life. He is pro-life. He is for life. Jesus wants you and me to live life. He wants you to know that life is worth living.

The reason life is worth living is because Jesus values you. The thief (Satan) wants to steal from you. He wants to destroy your life. The devil wants to take away from your life. He wants to kill your life, and ultimately Satan wants to kill you.

When it comes to you, Jesus never wants to destroy. He wants you to turn from ways that destroy your life. Sin is the capacity to live life without God. The problem with sin is that it messes us up. It makes life miserable. It steals from me the life I could have. Sin kills me. Sin destroys my relationships.

P- Prosperously (“in abundance”)

When Jesus said that He wants you to have abundant life, it doesn’t mean that you will be financially rich. Because if the goal was to be financially rich, there wouldn’t be any poor people.

But Jesus said that we would always have the poor among us. So Jesus was not talking about financial abundance when He was describing abundant life. He was talking about prosperity.

You can be rich and not prosperous. You can be prosperous whether you are rich or not.

Prosperity is the about the value of life, not about the value of the things in our lives.

Jesus was saying that He wants you to have a rich life. You can have a full and rich life without having a big bank account or an accumulation of things.

Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

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