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General Catholic Information

Best Catholic Linkswww.bestcatholiclinks.com
For years the staff at www.Catholicity.com has carefully screened thousands of Catholic links for faithfulness to Catholic teaching, focusing on sites providing a national service or unique information.

Catholic Almanacwww.osv.com/catholicalmanac
The Catholic Almanac will celebrate 100 years of publishing the most reliable Catholic information and statistics in 2004. On our web site you’ll find searchable information, including a biography of Pope John Paul II, an extensive glossary, saints, bishops, cardinals, and more.

Catholic Exchangewww.catholicexchange.com
We aim to foster catechesis and Scripture study through the website, to use technology to work toward better integration and cooperation between the Catholic churches in the Americas, and to foster greater understanding, unity, and love between Catholics and non-Catholic Christians.

Catholic Extensionwww.catholic-extension.org
Catholic Extension allocates more than $16 million annually to assist outreach programs, missionary salaries, church building and repair, and disaster relief. Find daily Catholic news, 1000+ Catholic links, and ways to help support a missionary.

Catholic Information Center of Washington, D.C. – www.cicdc.org
Best selection of quality Catholic books, fine sacred art and artifacts, and a excellent source for information on the Sacraments, Spiritual guidance, and reflections.

Catholic Information Network (CIN)www.cin.org
Our mission has been to offer free information on the Catholic faith, including the texts of papal addresses and encyclicals, news and other articles as well as to facilitate open discussion using online forums on all matters of Catholic life.

CatholiCity : Discover the Catholic Church – www.catholicity.com
A free, comprehensive, virtual cyber-city of Catholic resources, including keyword-searchable links, email discussion groups, online audio, prayer movements, free audio tapes, free Catholic novels, and much more. Home to over 140 Catholic organizations. The internet division of the Mary Foundation.

Eternal Word Television Network was founded by Mother Angelica. This site features an extensive Catholic library, highlights and schedules of EWTN television programming, RealAudio access to WEWN short wave radio, and an email service to answer your questions about the faith.

New Adventwww.newadvent.org
We provide online access to Catholic reference materials, including the incomparable, indexed 1911 Catholic Encyclopedia, the Summa Theologica, Writings of the Church Fathers, and other Church documents. We also have an online bookstore.

News agency with a focus on the Catholic Church and the Vatican.


Family, Marriage, and Youth


Apostolate for Family Consecration www.familyland.org
Website TV Guide for Catholic Familyland television network.

Catholics Come Homewww.catholicscomehome.org
An independent, non-profit Catholic apostolate that creates effective and compassionate media messages and broadcasts them nationally and internationally, in order to inspire, educate and evangelize inactive Catholics and others, and invite them to live a deeper faith in Jesus Christ, in accord with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

Catholic Engaged Encounterwww.engagedencounter.org
Catholic Marriage Preparation in a central US location. A blatantly Christian, non-apologetic weekend welcoming all to focus on prayer, dialogue, writing, & preparing for the rest of your lives together. We are helping marriages last a lifetime, by focusing on love as a decision.

Catholic Momwww.catholicmom.com
Site for celebrating Catholic Motherhood. They offer daily devotions, a prayer line, and a virtual community to share ideas and stories and support Catholic charities.

Catholic Parentingwww.catholicparents.org
Meeting place for Catholic Parents to share and learn about the wonderful vocation of raising Catholic children.

E5 Menwww.e5men.org
“E5” comes from Ephesians, Chapter 5: “Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church and gave himself up for her.” Jesus gave up his body for his bride, the Church, and E5 Men give up their bodies for their brides through fasting.

Gift Foundationwww.giftfoundation.org
Non-profit organization dedicated to ending contraception, promoting chastity, and establishing a pro-life society.

Sex Respectwww.sexrespect.com
Dr. Coleen Kelly Mast’s Sex Respect® educational program is a positive, down-to-earth program designed to provide teens with information and help them develop attitudes that have been overlooked by many other secular sex education programs.  The Sex Respect® program teaches teens that saying no to premarital sex is their right, is in the best interest of society and is in the spirit of true sexual freedom.

Knights of Columbuswww.kofc.org
The Knights of Columbus was founded in 1882 by a 29-year-old parish priest, Father Michael J. McGivney, in the basement of St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Connecticut. Today, more than a century later, the Knights of Columbus has become the largest lay organization in the Catholic Church.

Love and Responsibility Foundation www.catholicculture.com
The Love and Responsibility web site is dedicated to increasing understanding of Pope John Paul II’s teaching on human love and sexuality. The Pope has written with deep beauty on this all-important topic, and they are motivated by thought that it is possible to read what he has written, learn from it, and share what we learn with others!

Retrouvaille Internationalwww.retrouvaille.org
Retrouvaille is a program designed to help heal and renew marriages. The program offers the chance to rediscover yourself, your spouse, and a loving relationship in your marriage.

Saint Joseph’s Covenant Keeperswww.dads.org
They support Catholic fathers through workshops, conferences, spiritual formation, books, and audio tapes. The heart of their work is to bring dads into contact with God the Father.

Single Catholics Online www.singlecatholics.com
A computerized networking service for adult single Catholics serious about their faith and seek to marry a like-minded person. Singles interact anonymously by email over the Internet. We are dedicated to helping build up family life in the Church as a response to the Holy Father’s call for solid Catholic families.

ProLife Links

Virtue Mediawww.virtuemedia.org

Priests for Lifewww.priestsforlife.org

The National Catholic Bioethics Centerwww.ncbcenter.org

National Right to Lifewww.nrlc.org

Ultimate Pro-Life Resource Listwww.lifenews.com

Life Issues Institutewww.lifeissues.org

Pregnancy Centers Onlinewww.pregnancycenters.org

Feminists For Lifewww.feministsforlife.org

American Life Leaguewww.all.org

Center for Bioethics and Human Dignitywww.cbhd.org

Bethany Adoption Serviceswww.bethany.org

Nurturing Networkwww.nurturingnetwork.org

Euthanasia Informationwww.euthanasia.com

International Anti-Euthanasia Task Forcewww.internationaltaskforce.org

Nightingale Alliancewww.nightingalealliance.org

The Elliott Institute (Post-Abortion)www.afterabortion.org

Hope After Abortionwww.hopeafterabortion.com

Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Programwww.snowflakes.org

Magazines | Publishing | Media

Crisis Magazinewww.crisismagazine.org
The magazine’s mission is to interpret and influence the direction of contemporary culture from the perspective of the Catholic tradition and other informed conservative viewpoints. Back issues online.

Envoy Magazinewww.envoymagazine.com
An exciting journal that presents the truths of the Catholic faith in a fresh, contemporary style. Edited by Patrick Madrid.

First Thingswww.firstthings.com
A lively journal about religion and public life edited by Father Richard John Neuhaus.

Our Sunday Visitorwww.osv.com
Our Sunday Visitor is the largest not-for-profit Catholic publishing company in the U.S.  They publish a weekly national newspaper and nine periodicals.  They are also a full-service offering envelope provider.

Saint Austin Review –  www.staustinreview.com
The Saint Austin Review (StAR) is a new monthly periodical addressing Christian culture, literature and ideas with such fine contributors as Joseph Pearce, Benedict Groeschel, Janet Smith, and many others.

Word Among Uswww.wau.org
A monthly magazine designed to encourage Catholics to pray and read Scripture each day. The magazine contains daily meditations based on the Mass readings as well as essays on a particular theme, articles on the lives of Saints and testimonies of God’s work in individual lives.

Catholic Business Journalwww.catholicbusinessjournal.biz
A premiere online business platform where Catholic business professionals can exchange ideas, create new ventures, explore faith-based solutions to challenging business and human resource problems, post jobs and resumes, and foster new opportunities to serve together, ultimately, a higher purpose.

Apologetics, Evangelization, and Discipleship

Catherine of Siena Institutewww.siena.org
A parish education program of the Western Dominican Province with the mandate of equipping lay Catholics for the New Evangelization proclaimed by the Holy Father.

Catholic Answerswww.catholic.com
Catholic Answers is the largest Catholic apologetics and evangelization organization in North America. We are lay people devoting our full-time efforts to promoting the Catholic faith through books, booklets, tracts, This Rock magazine, tapes, and television and radio appearances. Our staff apologists answers questions about the faith and give parish seminars. Our catalog is one of the most comprehensive in the country.

Catholics Come Homewww.catholicscomehome.org
An independent, non-profit Catholic apostolate that creates effective and compassionate media messages and broadcasts them nationally and internationally, in order to inspire, educate and evangelize inactive Catholics and others, and invite them to live a deeper faith in Jesus Christ, in accord with the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

Holy Cross Children’s Serviceswww.hccsnet.org
Holy Cross Children’s Services (HCCS) is a Catholic-oriented, nonprofit child care and family preservation agency that conducts residential and community-based programs throughout the State of Michigan.

Catholics United for the Faithwww.cuf.org
CUF is committed to support, defend and advance the teachings of the Catholic Church through our publications and resources. We are an international lay apostolate, building on the only sure foundation for happiness and renewal of the family and society: the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Church.

ChristLife has an international Catholic mission of evangelization, renewal and Christian unity, based in Baltimore and endorsed by Cardinal Keeler.

Coming Home Networkwww.chnetwork.org
Resources for all Christians who are inquiring into the Catholic Church including contacts and fellowship, guidance and support for pastors and clergy, and clear teaching of the Catholic Faith.

Envoy Magazinewww.envoymagazine.com
A journal that presents the truths of the Catholic faith in a fresh, contemporary style. Edited by Patrick Madrid.

The Evangelical Catholicwww.evangelicalcatholic.com
Web site of a Madison, Wisconsin-based apostolate that helps Catholics become more evangelical in their faith.

Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS)www.focusonline.org
FOCUS is now on 30 campuses in 15 states across the country – including Seton Hall University in the East, the University of Illinois in the Midwest, and the United States Air Force Academy in the West.  Many recent graduates who participated in FOCUS activities on campus have gone on to enter seminaries or houses of religious formation.

Magnificat Institute Press is dedicated to publishing the finest books in apologetics, catechetics, evangelization, and spirituality on the market–both out of print books to be reprinted, and new books by new and established authors. Magnificat provides free gift copies to parishes, groups, events or other forums.

National Catholic Prayer Breakfastwww.catholicprayerbreakfast.com
Created in response to the call of Pope John Paul II for a “New Evangelization, new in ardor, methods and expression.” This group gathers annually from across the country for worship and fellowship, and to thank Our Lord for his abundant blessings upon this Land and to reaffirm our faith in Him.

Peter Kreeftwww.peterkreeft.com
Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., is a professor of philosophy at Boston College. As an author of over 40 books and a regular contributor to several Christian publications, he is in wide demand as a speaker at conferences.

Renewal Ministrieswww.renewalministries.net
Renewal Ministries seeks to proclaim Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit so that we may serve the renewal of the Catholic Church and help as many as possible come to know Christ.