Who/what is your Rock? (Will it/they help you get where you’re going?)

Who/what is your Rock? (Will it/they help you get where you’re going?) June 1, 2023


Who/what is your rock that you lean on? Will it/they help you get where you are going?

David writes in Psalm 18:2:

“The LORD is my Rock, and my fortress, and my Deliverer; my God, my strength, in Whom I will trust; my Buckler, and the Horn of my Salvation, and my High Tower.”


Power and strength

When we hear the word strength, we immediately think of physical power. In my day, I have been around dominant athletes. I have seen men press hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight and do amazing feats of strength. At one point in my life, I was in that category. I was powerful and able to hold my own in the gym. Human power develops over time through continual effort.

However, while many may not consider it the same, our spiritual strength is essential and needs exercise. Our faith can only grow when tested. So, when those tests come, we need a source of strength that we know will not disappoint us. We need a source of power that we can firmly believe in and trust that it cannot fail.


Our True Rock

There is no greater strength for any believer than that of the comfort God offers. David writes words that give great affirmation. He uses comments that leave no doubt about who the Lord is to him. We see words like “rock, strength, High Tower,” and we realize that David sees God as all-powerful and all-capable.

We face all kinds of stuff in this life. However, the question is: what or who is the source of your strength?

Dottie Rambo would write these words:
“Where do I go when there’s nobody else to turn to;
Who do I talk to when nobody wants to listen?
Who do I lean on when there’s no foundation stable?”
I go to the Rock; I know that He’s able
yes, I go to the Rock.”

Ponder the questions from those lyrics and then ask yourself: who is my strength? Who helps me make it? The key to it all is in one word, which is in the Passage from Psalms, and that word is trust.


Building trust

David cites all these names and attributes toward God, adding, “Whom I will trust.” If we do not trust in the Lord, Who He is, and what He can do, He does us little good. The Bible is clear in Hebrews 11:6 that it is “impossible to please God without faith.” Faith requires trust, and trust requires faith. Strength requires exercise, so how is your workout going for you right now?

Amid the storm, remember He is able and can never fail. Do you trust Him for the strength to keep looking ahead? God is good and never ceases to be good; hang in there if you are His today. He’s got this! If you or someone you know have not come to Christ, or have not accepted His offer of eternal life, may something in this little note prompt such a thought.

It must be a personal rock

I was nearly thirty when I came to know Jesus. In the prime of my youth, in the midst of my law enforcement career, working on my dream to be a professional wrestler, I received a question that changed everything. It was during dinner one night, a friend looked at me and asked, “If you died right now or on the way home, do you know your eternity?” I had no answer beyond: “I think I would go to Heaven.”

My friend, Ted, said, “Andy, if you only think so, then we need to talk about things.” I had no idea what he spoke of. He asked me if I was “saved.” I responded, “From what?” I saw that word as meaning danger or peril. I did not realize that my soul was in danger and peril. In other words, I needed saving from me. I could not see that I needed what Jesus offered.


We read the passage from Psalm 18 and find clarity and strength. David had no doubts about the power and fullness of God’s ability. He knew that at any moment along his journey, God would be there with him and give him something substantial to hold to. We live in times of great confusion about nearly everything. If we will seek the things of God, if we will trust the things of God, we will find our Rock. We will find our strength, and above all, we will find truth.

What is your rock today? Does it assure you, or is it only a “maybe it will work?” Come to Christ today and receive all that He offers. You will never see things any clearer than when looking through His eyes. Will you come to the Rock of your salvation today?


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Dr. Andy McDaniel has served in ministry now for over twenty years. He serves as Sr. Pastor of West Fayetteville Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Pastor Andy and his wife Melissa have three daughters and two grandsons. His passion for those who have yet to meet Christ is deep. In addition to teaching and preaching, he loves to write and produces a daily video lesson called "Making it Simple." You can read more about the author here.

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