May 27, 2024

It may sound kind of woo-woo, but the truth is that we really can rewire our brains and essentially hack ourselves to create better outcomes and experiences with just a few simple techniques and daily practices. I first came across this scientific study about 7 years ago while working for a large international technology distribution firm. Our HR department had put together a new internal presentation for employees to encourage us to employ these techniques as a way to increase... Read more

May 24, 2024

Saying 111 Jesus said, “The heavens will be rolled up and likewise the earth in your presence, and the living one who will come forth from the Living One will not see death or fear,” [because Jesus says, “He who finds himself, of him the

May 17, 2024

Saying 110 Jesus said, “The one who had found the world and become rich should renounce the world.” In this saying, as in saying 56, the world is worthless. In saying 56 it is compared to a corpse, and here it is not worth holding

May 14, 2024

Seven years ago, I walked into a room with a guy I barely knew and another guy [whose book I had recently warned people not to purchase] to record a podcast. It was only intended to be a 3-part series on Penal Substitutionary Atonement Theory where each of us would post one of the three parts on our personal blogs and link back to one another for shared traffic. But that recording was so much fun that we decided to... Read more

May 12, 2024

Saying 109 Jesus said, “The kingdom is like a man who had in his field a hidden treasure, of which he knew nothing. And after he died, he left it to his son. The son also did not know; he took the field and sold

May 8, 2024

Earlier this week, I wrote and posted an article here to share the story of how one El Paso woman’s personal data was mishandled by a local pastor who disclosed intimate details of her private text messages and exposed her identity to everyone in her church and anyone who listened to the online sermon which was posted to their church website. As an update, that sermon has been taken down, and the pastor has apologized by posting an audio clip... Read more

May 6, 2024

NOTE: Names were changed in this story to protect the identity of those involved. UPDATE: See response from “He Gets Us” at the bottom of this article for updates as of 5/7/2024. Imagine, you’ve had a bad week and you’re scrolling down your Instagram feed when you see an ad for “He Gets Us” – that Super Bowl Commercial where people show love and compassion to people in need. It moves you. At the end, there’s a link where you... Read more

May 3, 2024

Saying 108 Jesus said, “He who drinks from my mouth will become like me, and I will become like him, and the hidden things will be revealed to him.” Drinking from the mouth of Jesus is to be understood as a metaphor for internalizing the

April 26, 2024

Saying 107 Jesus said, “The kingdom is like a shepherd who had a hundred sheep; one of them, the biggest, went astray; he left the ninety-nine and sought after the one until he found it. After he had labored, he said to the sheep, ‘I

April 25, 2024

  For many of us, our ideas about Jesus have shifted since the early days of our Christian faith. I started out talking to God as a young boy in Elementary school without knowing anything about the Bible or Jesus. Later on, I was told that God’s son was Jesus and that Jesus loved me and died for me. So, I started looping Jesus into those late night conversations with his Dad. Soon, I was singing songs about worshipping Jesus... Read more

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