What We Have In Common With Muslims

What We Have In Common With Muslims August 28, 2018

Most Christians I know fully embrace Judaism. They love the Jewish faith. They use Jewish terms for Jesus and Messiah [“Yeshua”, “Mashiac”, etc.]. They wear the Star of David proudly. They observe the Jewish Passover meal. They even pray for the peace of Israel.

But why?
The Jewish faith denies that Christ is the Messiah. They refuse to accept that Jesus is born of a virgin. They do not believe that Jesus performed miracles. They do not believe that Jesus ascended into Heaven. They do not believe that Jesus is alive today or that Jesus is returning to judge the world.

But none of that matters to most Evangelical Christians today.

They are totally capable of enthusiastically overlooking all of that for the sake of what we have in common with Judaism – which is namely the Old Testament scriptures.

Now, just imagine that the Jews DID believe all of these things. Could you imagine American Christians rejecting the Jewish people?

But they DO reject Muslims who happen to affirm all of these things about Jesus!

Islam teaches that:

– Jesus is the “Word of God”
– Jesus is the “Spirit of God”
– Jesus is “the Messiah”
– Jesus creates life
– Jesus cured a man born blind, and a man with leprosy.
– Jesus gives life to dead people.
– Jesus went to heaven.
– Jesus is still alive today.
– Jesus will come again to judge the entire world.

[See chapter 3, verses 45-55, the Qu’ran]

Can you imagine rejecting someone who believed all of these things about Jesus?

Can you imagine refusing to engage in a dialog with someone who already had such an amazing foundation of faith in Jesus?

Yet, somehow, Christians feel totally ok embracing one faith which denies all of these things about Jesus while rejecting another faith which affirms all of the same things about Him.

Does this make any sense?

Not to me it doesn’t.

You have a choice. You can either:

A) Keep making lists of all the ways you are right and Muslims are wrong


B) Look for how much you have in common with them about Jesus and enter into a fruitful dialog with a Muslim about Him.

One path will result in more division and violence.

The other path will result in an amazing conversation of Jesus with a Muslim and the opportunity for understanding and peace.

So…what are you most interested in here?

As long as you are only interested in seeking a path for opposition and division, you will keep on making those lists of how “wrong” they are.

But, if you are ready to start seeking a path for peace, and for reconciliation, you will take full advantage of an amazing opportunity to talk with a Muslim about Jesus.

What would a religion of peace really teach you to do here?

If you really belong to a peaceful religion, then take the path of peace: Engage in an open dialog with a Muslim about all you have in common about Jesus.

I dare you.



Keith Giles new book Jesus Unbound: Liberating the Word of God from the Bible”, is available now on Amazon and features a Foreword by author Brian Zahnd.

He is also the author of the Amazon best-seller, “Jesus Untangled: Crucifying Our Politics To Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb”.

Keith also co-hosts the Heretic Happy Hour Podcast on iTunes and Podbean. He and his wife live in Orange, CA with their two sons.

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  • Matthew

    Thanks so much for this Keith. Good stuff.

    It´s important to remember, I think, that
    fruitful dialogue with non-Christians of any stripe doesn´t mean we have
    to agree on everything, nor accept one another´s religious beliefs 100%
    in order to peacefully coexist.

    It does mean, however, that we´ve entered a space of bridge building
    and peace making where wonderful things can happen.

  • Tim Ellison

    And didn’t the Christians get their doctrine of innerancy and inspiration from Islam?

  • kcwookie

    “But none of that matters to most Evangelical Christians today.”

    Evangelicals are tripping, they see themselves as so close to the earthly power they crave they will sell their soul and everything else to achieve it. They are in the process of converting God into a toady of men (their men). I doubt God’s word even matters to Evangelicals, they are so far lost it’s not even funny.

    Personally, I believe they they are aligning themselves with the Zionists in Israel for the sole purpose of conquest. Once the Zionists secure all of the important holy land the Evangelicals will find cause to toss them out and claim it all in the name of Jesus. I don’t believe they have any intention of sharing any of the holy land with the Zionists or Jews in general. The Zionists will consolidate the region and then the Christians will remove them because it’s the will of God. It’s not like the Jews haven’t been thrown out before.

    Ask youself, why is so little of the land in private hands. Currently, in Israel “proper” (within the Green Line), only 7 percent of the land is owned privately by individuals (3 percent Jews and 4 percent Arabs). According to the Israeli NGO Regavim, the rest is owned by the Jewish state (80 percent) and the Jewish National Fund (13 percent). Israeli citizens lease the land in 49-98 year installments from the Israel Land Authority. Should the government repeal the lease, they are subject to eviction. If (when) the government falls the people living they have nothing as they do now. Not owning your home makes it easy to pacify people which is good as long as your people are in power.

  • Arenal K

    What a frustrating article. Your first paragraph sounds so condescending. Jews do not *want* you to wear a Star of David (a modern Jewish symbol; there is no evidence it was in use in Jesus’ time) or observe Passover. That shows a fetishization of Judaism, not a respect for it. (You can have a holiday feast at that time of year, but it is deeply problematic to use modern Jewish traditions that did not exist in the time of Jesus and then make those traditions about Jesus.)
    “They even pray for the peace of Israel.” Even? Like that’s something special? You don’t get cookies for not wanting the destruction of a nation. You should hope for peace everywhere.

  • The Mouse Avenger

    This, my friend. A million times this!

  • The Mouse Avenger

    Really? I didn’t know that! 🙂

    Just more proof that we’re all equal! ^_^

  • The Mouse Avenger

    You took the words right out of my mouth! ^_^

  • Jocelyn

    I have had this dialogue with Muslims. I can’t say its always gone well. Frequently, I’m told that Christians don’t know God. I can’t say it makes it easy to try again.

  • The Mouse Avenger

    Well, at least you tried. 🙂 And that is very commendable! ^_^

  • Evermyrtle

    JESUS CHRIST is the only person, born of man, that was perfect, without sin and HE died for me,and you, as I have been taught!! Therefore as Martin Luther, was not perfect, nor was he the CHRIST!! Each person who reaches the place of understanding the facts of JESUS CHRIST and have had the opportunity to know HIM are responsible for words and actions that he/she produces! Martin Luther, like the rest of us, is responsible only for his own actions and possibly, maybe, for actions of others, that he may have possibly caused, good and/or bad!

  • Evermyrtle

    I wonder why so many people are so worried about bout what Evangelicals, believe or do not believe! Certainly, you are not an Evangelical Christian! “Judge not that ye be not judged; for with what judgment ye judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again’ You can be sure of nobody but yourself, where you stand with GOD and/or HIS SON!!!! i If you say you are without sin, you lie and the truth is not in you!!

    All of these things that you mention “ONLY GOD, KNOWS FOR SURE!” It is best to get our lives right with GOD and help others to right with HIM, we will not be held innocent in ripping others apart!

  • Eliot Sternfeld

    To amplify a little on Arenal K. I have no idea what “most” Christians want but I do know it is common for Christians to co-opt Hebrew words to use as weapons. These words and rituals are often used to proselytize Jews. Something most of us consider an attempt to murder the religion. And often done dishonestly. A selling point being a truly authentic Jew requires accepting Jesus as your personal savior. No Jew would say you can believe this and be Jewish. The Christian “Seder” is not only not the “Jewish Passover Meal” but it is highly disrespectful to bill it as such All of these new innovations have muddied the water to the point where I often have to explain to my Christian friends that they did not just get the truth about Jewish practice and belief by an explanation on a Messianic website. Saying you love someone or something does not mean you actually do. Domestic abusers often proclaim their undying love for their victims. For a more nuanced and accurate understanding of what we have “rejected” read Bart Ehrmann and other Christian writers. Here is a link to get you started. https://ehrmanblog.org/jesus-and-the-messianic-prophecies/

  • kcwookie

    You are most certianly correct, I’m not an Evangelical nor would ever support them. Mind you, Evangelicals are some of the biggest judges in the Christian world and yet they ignore Trump actions and love the man. Is Trump Christlike? Evangelical=Hypocrit.

  • Evermyrtle

    Don’t be a fool, Christianity came first and Islam is certainly not connected to it, but is the opposite of Christianity!!

  • The destroyer

    I see very little we have in common with Muslims.

    Muslims deny the trinity. Deny Jesus Christ died for our sins. Deny the cross. In fact their Quran teaches them not to even be friends with Jews and Christians. I wont go onto the 100 or so violent verses against non muslims…

  • Widuran

    Christians have very little in common with Muslims

  • Widuran

    Nice post

  • Widuran


  • Ulf Turkewitsch

    This post was disturbing, because the author does not know history apparently. Islam at its root is a warlike ,and aggressive cult. It has only superficial similarities to christianity. The author is misguided and very gullible. A TERRIBLE posting.
    This comment refers to the post not to your comment ” the destroyer “

  • The destroyer

    Hello I understand you are talking about the original article. You are spot on

  • christine gomez

    Good Advice! Christians should find positive ways to encourage dialogue with both Jews and Muslims in order to glorify God’s Kingdom. It is only through divine revelation can we bring healing to this fractured world.

  • Tim Ellison

    Christianity might have come first but their bible worship came later after the Reformation.

  • Ulf Turkewitsch

    What about “judge righteous judgement “?
    We are obviously not supposed to judge individual people. However we should judge the corrupt and sick world systems wherever they come in contact with us. That is being the salt and the light of this world.

  • Ulf Turkewitsch

    This article highlights the problem of taking a so called religion at face value according to it’s propaganda. Islam is like a cult. It proclaims one set of values while living by another. So it would take discernment to judge this system wisely. Sadly this article is anything but .

  • kcwookie

    Wow, citing judgement scripture in defense of the biggest Christian judges. Impressive.