Erasing Shame

Erasing Shame February 23, 2021

Today I had to erase a giant whiteboard. It was a huge board that stretched across an entire side of the wall. It’s easily 20 yards across. But it was filthy.

Someone had previously attempted to clean the board. That was obvious. It was streaked from top to bottom with a heavy black film. Someone had probably sprayed that cleaning solution all over the board and used the eraser – not a clean paper towel – and instead of cleaning it had just smeared the black ink all over the surface.

It was a mess.

So, before I could use the board I had to grab a wad of paper towels from the kitchen. After I did that I sprayed the entire board with that smelly alcohol solution and waited for it to start dripping from the top of the board to the bottom. Then I took my paper towels and started to clean it off.

This is when I think the Holy Spirit whispered something to me.

“See what happens when you try to clean something the wrong way?”

Yeah, I see that.

“See how filthy this board got when someone applied the cleaning solution in the wrong way and mixed the dirty and the clean together?”

Hmmm…yeah, I see that, too.

“Notice how this cleaning solution, properly applied, completely removes the dark film and leaves the surface totally white?”

Oh, yeah, I do see that, Lord.

“Now that it’s clean, do you think it’s accurate for anyone to come in this room and call this board ‘filthy’ again?”


I stopped cleaning. I took a step back from the board. It was clean now. Top to bottom. It once was filthy, but now, it was like the day it was first hung on the wall; clean, white, and shiny.

“This is how I want you to see yourself now. You are clean. I have made you that way. Don’t call yourself “filthy” again. You are not a sinner. You are my child and you are loved far more than you will ever realize.”

I knew that it was true. But I also knew that I wasn’t really living my life in light of this truth.

Immediately the following verses of scripture flashed through my mind:

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” – [2 Cor. 5:17]

“There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” – [Roman 8:1]
“If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – Jesus [John 8:31-32]

Such a simple lesson from an ordinary task, yet it has had such a profound impact on my heart. So, I knew I had to share it with all of you.

I hope this blesses you today and that you, also, can begin to really believe that you are now a new creature in Christ Jesus. Your identity is not wrapped up in who you used to be, but who you are in Christ today.
According to Jesus and His Word, we are redeemed, righteous, holy, forgiven, accepted, transformed, and we are partakers of the divine nature. Our lives are hidden in God with Christ. We are immune from condemnation and judgement.
Those who are in Christ are co-laborers with God. We are branches of the True Vine, filled with the love and the heart of Christ. We are now being made into His image by the indwelling Holy Spirit of God.
We are members of a royal priesthood, a holy nation, chosen in Him to bear much fruit as we lovingly abide in Him daily.
This is good news, isn’t it?
Let someone know about it.
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Keith Giles and his wife, Wendy, work with Peace Catalyst International to help build relationships between Christians and Muslims in El Paso, TX.  Keith was formerly a licensed and ordained minister who walked away from organized church over a decade ago to start a home fellowship that gave away 100% of the offering to the poor in the community. Today he is the author of the best-selling “Jesus Un” series of books, including “Jesus Unexpected: Ending The End Times To Become The Second Coming” which is available now on Amazon.

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