INNER CIRCLE: Fall On Your Faces

INNER CIRCLE: Fall On Your Faces August 3, 2022


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Saying 15: Jesus said, “When you see him who was not born of woman, fall on your faces and worship him. That one is your Father.”

The main point to this saying is not that we should worship God, or even that we should worship Jesus [who was certainly born of a woman, as we all are].

No, the main point here is to realize that the one “who was not born of woman” is not only worthy of worship, or worthy to be called “God”, but that this Holy, other-worldly Being is, in fact, “your Father.”

In other words, if you are the children of One who is not “born of woman,” then you are also of the same substance as your Father.

God’s holiness is your holiness. God’s worthiness is your worthiness.

Your Father, and my Father, is not of the flesh, and neither are we. The flesh is an illusion that is wrapped around our true selves; an illusion that masks our true identity as children of the One Source of all life, and love, and reality.

When you encounter this ultimate One your reaction should awe, and wonder, but also an even more profound realization that this is where you – and everyone else – originates from.

Your Father is beyond imagination. Your Father is a unique and original Being unlike any other in the Universe. Your Father is pure Spirit, not of the flesh, and supremely extraordinary in every way.

And so are you.

And so am I.

And so is everyone else on this Earth.

And so is everyone who has ever, or will ever, live and breathe in this physical realm.

Duality and separation are an illusion, even between flesh and spirit, God and Man, Father and children.

We are all one in Christ Jesus, and no one exists outside of Christ Jesus.

He is the One in whom we all Iive and move and have our being.

Christ is all, and is in all.

Christ is the One who holds all things together.

Christ is the One for whom, by whom, and through whom, all things were created.

In that day, you and I will fully know that Christ is in the Father, and the Father is in Christ, and we are in the Father, and in Christ.


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