INNER CIRCLE: Finding The Corpse

INNER CIRCLE: Finding The Corpse May 26, 2023

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SAYING 56: Jesus said, “Whoever has become acquainted with the world has found a corpse, and the world is not worthy of the one who has found the corpse.”


This may be one of the most straightforward sayings of its kind in the entire Gospel of Thomas.

No extended metaphors, no codewords to define, no analogies to unpack. Just a refreshingly plain and simple statement about how the World is a dead corpse that we should do our best to distance ourselves from the way we would a dead animal on the road.

What more is there to say? Once your eyes are opened and you realize the World and all of its systems and labels and categories and divisions are designed to pull the wool over your eyes and prevent you from seeing the Truth of your Oneness with Christ and will everyone around you, you will see all of it for what it is: A repulsive, rotting, decaying dead thing that has no life in it.

In fact, the more we awaken from the illusion and open our eyes to fully accept the glorious beauty of our Oneness with God and with the Universe that surrounds us, the more we know we have truly moved from death to life and experienced a resurrection that transforms our dead flesh to a glorified body that is interwoven with the Divine presence that permeated all living things.

Until our transformation process has reached the point that our reaction to the World is one of disgust on par with finding a dead animal rotting along the highway, we have not yet fully awakened to the entire scope of the marvelous truth of our Oneness with our Beloved.



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