INNER CIRCLE: Wretched Is The Soul

INNER CIRCLE: Wretched Is The Soul December 16, 2023

IMAGE: Keith Giles [MidJourney]

Jesus said: “Wretched is the body which depends on a body, and wretched is the soul which depends on these two.”


Whenever a body depends on a body, it is already deceived by the illusion of separation. If we regard ourselves as individuals – as bodies – then we are still asleep and our eyes are yet unopened to the Truth of Oneness and Unity.

Once we are in this wretched state of mind, our souls also suffer to the degree we continue to place our hope and focus our minds on the physical world around us. The natural way of thinking is immersed in the illusion of separation. Our world appears to us to be filled with separate bodies and inhabited by different people who are all unique and individual from one another. But Jesus – and Quantum Science – tells us otherwise. We know that Jesus wants us to see reality as it is and embrace the interconnectedness of all things. Quantum physics tells us that everything we see and experience – no matter how separate and unique these may seem – are, in reality, all manifestations of the one quantum field. In fact, everything is an expression of the quantum field. There is nothing we can see or experience or measure that is not – at its core – an extension of the quantum field.

What we see with our eyes and what we experience on a daily basis may appear to be based on separation and division, but that is not reality as it truly is. Our perceptions are false. Our senses are lying to us. The truth is that everything is the same thing – or an expression of the one thing – no matter how much variety we may perceive in terms of shape, form and substance.

So, water is an expression of the quantum field. Giraffes are an extension of the quantum field. The book your holding in your hand, and your hand, and the chair you’re sitting on, and the person across the room, or across the ocean – everything, everywhere is merely an expression of the one, solitary quantum field.

Another way to say this is that God is the One in whom we all live and move and have our being. Or that we are the ones in whom God lives and moves and has being. Everything is connected and everything is one. There is no such thing as separation. There is only our perception of separation.

This means that the one who sees oneself as a body, or which depends upon the notion of a body, is deceived, or wretched. The soul that fails to awaken to this reality of Oneness is also wretched.

Our goal is to awaken – and to stay awake – to reality as we know it to be, not as we perceive it to be.

Keith Giles is the best-selling author of the Jesus Un series. He has appeared on CNN, USA Today, BuzzFeed, and John Fugelsang’s “Tell Me Everything.” He hosts the Second Cup with Keith podcast, and co-hosts the Apostates Anonymous podcast, and the Heretic Happy Hour Podcast.

His latest book, Second Cup with Keith is available now on Amazon HERE>

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