Why Deconstruction Is About National Security

Why Deconstruction Is About National Security March 16, 2024

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If you don’t know what Project 2025 is, you need to stop whatever you’re doing and take the time to find out more. Why? Because, if they have their way, you could be living in a real-life version of The Handmaid’s Tale a year from now.

I’m not joking.

I’ll do my best to summarize Project 2025 for you in this article, but you really owe it to yourself to go down the rabbit hole to see first-hand what this is all about. I’d recommend you start HERE with Kristin Du Mez’s excellent article, and then, from there, dive into the PROJECT 2025 website to read what they plan to do to America, the Constitution, and life as we know it HERE. 

After you’ve digested all of that, you may want to read this article on POLITICO about Christian Nationalism [featuring some of the same players from Project 2025 above] HERE.

Finally, if you’re not already losing your mind over this, you may feel up to reading this article which goes into more depth about the Project 2025 agenda HERE.

So…what is the big deal about Project 2025, you may ask?

Well, it’s fairly simple: Over 100 Conservative Christian organizations like Dr. James Dobson’s Family Institute, Liberty University, Moms for Liberty, Turning Point USA and the Hertitage Foundation, have come together to create a playbook [and free training sessions] for creating a Christian Nationalist Theocracy in America within the first 180 days of the next Conservative Presidential term.

Short version: If Trump wins in November, they have a plan to criminalize abortion, gay marriage, trans rights, dismantle dozens of Federal Agencies [including the EPA and the Department of Education], end public education, institute a faith test for immigrants seeking asylum, and invoke the Insurrection Act to mobilize the US Military and silence any opposition.

Shorter version: It’s the end of Democracy as we know it.

Their plan is to implement a Scripture-based system of government where “Christ-ordained Civil Magistrates” will exercise complete authority over the American public.

According to the Politico article:

“Specifically, it states that “Christian Nationalism is a set of governing principles rooted in Scripture’s teaching that Christ rules as supreme Lord and King of all creation, who has ordained civil magistrates with delegated authority to be under Him, over the people, to order their ordained jurisdiction by punishing evil and promoting good for His own glory and the common good of the nation.”

“The manifesto then states that, pursuant to Scripture, these “civil magistrates” have “lawful authority to punish civil crimes like assault, murder, rape, theft, fraud, man-stealing, and false witness, and to ensure proper due process through the civil courts, payment of liability for verifiably proven harm, and proportionality of punishment.”

Now, on the one hand, I can totally understand why these Christian leaders feel so strongly that they are obeying the Scriptures and following Jesus when they take over the American government and impose Theocratic Law. Because I used to think this way, too.

I was once a Conservative Republican Christian who listened to Rush Limbaugh and was a member of the NRA who believed that it was impossible to be a Christian and vote Democrat.

But then something happened: I realized that I was more American [Conservative Republican] than I was “Christian,” and that I had been converted into the cult of Christian Nationalism.

Once I broke out of that, I wrote a book – Jesus Untangled: Crucifying Our Politics To Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb – to sound the warning call and hopefully help other Evangelical Christians escape the Nationalist spell. The book was published on Inauguration Day as Donald Trump took his oath to uphold the Constitution.

Sadly, my book, and countless others published during that same time frame, did little to stop the growth of Christian Nationalism in America.

Honestly, I could never have imagined that we would arrive at this place where so many Christian pastors, churches, and organizations would so brazenly cry out for America to become a Theocracy and proudly proclaim their love for Christian Nationalism.

But, here we are.

America is only a few months away from the very real possibility of becoming a Christian Dystopian nightmare.

That’s why I’ve realized that Deconstruction is a matter of National Security.

Because, the more Evangelical Christians begin to doubt the Inerrancy of Scripture, and reject the toxic theology of American exceptionalism, the more clearly they can see how bogus this Christian Nationalism really is.

In other words, our best weapon against Project 2025 is the Deconstruction of the Evangelical Christian faith.

So, I’ve re-committed myself to the Deconstruction movement.

This means I’m giving away my self-paced Deconstruction course FOR FREE.

Between now and November 5, 2024 [election day], Square 1: Express will be available at NO CHARGE for the first 100 people who sign up. Here’s the FREE Link>

I’m also marking down the Kindle edition of my book, JESUS UNTANGLED: Crucifying Our Politics To Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb to just $2.99.

And…the online course based on Jesus Untangled is also available for $2.99 HERE>

Between now and election day, I will be writing blog posts, recording podcasts, and doing all I can to bring attention to the Project 2025 agenda, and to help Evangelical Christians deconstruct their faith.

I encourage all of you reading this to do all that you can to educate yourself on Project 2025, and to talk to your friends and family about it. Share these resources I’ve made available here with them.

Remind them that the Christians who founded this nation were escaping a Christian Theocracy and that America has never been a Christian Nation for exactly that very reason.

Theocracy is always a bad idea.

Christian Nationalism isn’t any better.

If the Gospel of Jesus isn’t powerful enough to transform people from the inside-out all by itself, it’s not worth believing.

Any God that requires political power to force people to obey isn’t worth following.

The term “Christian Nationalism” is Oxymoronic – with the emphasis on the “Moronic.”

There’s nothing “Christ-like” about it. It’s just Nationalism, and that leads to Fascism.

Christ is the farthest thing from Fascism and Nationalism.

To be clear: Christian Nationalists are not the enemy. They are captives who have been brain-washed to believe falsehoods and untruths about God.

They are victims who have been manipulated to believe that America is a Christian nation.

They are pawns in a game designed to give ultimate political power to a handful of Christian men who don’t care anything about America, or the American people, or about the teachings of Christ.

The solution, as I see it, is to expose the lies they’ve spread about God and the teachings of Jesus, and to help Christians escape the Evangelical cult which only seeks to exploit them.

We fight this fight out of love and compassion, not out of hate.

Some of us were once loyal believers in this Christian Nationalist bullshit.

Now that our eyes are opened, we want to help others see the light.

We don’t have a lot of time left, but I believe we can make a difference.

At least, I’m going to try.

I hope you’ll join me.


Keith Giles is the best-selling author of the Jesus Un series. He has appeared on CNN, USA Today, BuzzFeed, and John Fugelsang’s “Tell Me Everything.” He hosts the Second Cup with Keith podcast, and co-hosts the Apostates Anonymous podcast, and the Heretic Happy Hour Podcast.

His latest book, Second Cup with Keith is available now on Amazon HERE>





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Why Deconstruction Is About National Security

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