In the Wake Up, Grow Up series, world-renown philosopher and bestselling author, Ken Wilber shares vital perspectives and practices to help you nurture your own highest and deepest spiritual potential. He offers an inspiring new vision of a more whole and integrated world; a vision that bridges the gap between your interests in science and spirituality, between your exploration of abstract knowledge and embodied wisdom, and your challenges with habitual impulses and your greatest capacity for love, liberation, and happiness.

Pushing beyond the rampant anti-intellectualism we see in so many of today’s spiritual circles, Ken offers a sophisticated, intelligent, and insightful approach to spirituality, emphasizing two major vectors of transformation: waking up to the extraordinary states of consciousness described by the world’s spiritual traditions (states of transcendence, union, radical freedom, compassion, awakening, etc.), as well as growing up through the stages of psychological growth described by Western psychology. It is this integration of East and West that you can discover a spiritual practice that is designed for who you are now!