Roy Moore will be the next Senator from Alabama

Roy Moore will be the next Senator from Alabama August 7, 2017

I am making the prediction that Roy Moore, a man who has been removed from the Supreme Court of the state of Alabama twice, will win the senate seat left vacant by Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III.
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I am not happy to be confident this will occur. In fact I once thought men like Roy Moore were relegated to the dust bin of history. Oh how wrong I was. I truly believe, however, that I am spot on in calling this senate race for Roy. Just a few days ago I left the friendly confines of Auburn, Alabama to venture into the wilds of rural Alabama. I saw far more Roy Moore for Senate signs in yards than anything. There were even more than the Trump signs I saw go up last year. This is anecdotal I know but I know my people. There’s a definite energy when it comes to seeing Roy Moore be sent to Washington from Alabama.

I believe this is a continuance of a part of what got Donald Trump elected. That is to say this is the death rattle– a whitelash like Van Jones described– of the old white religious southerners. There was a time when Roy Moore polled in the single digits for governor. Now he leads a number of polls for this senate seat. In the past the religious fundamentalists were secure in their existence. Now they feel the sands of the power structure shifting under their feet. As their efforts to force theocracy into schools and the government are batted down in the courts they are getting desperate in a way. This will lead to Roy Moore actually joining the US Senate.

The most aggravating thing to me is that, just like Trump last year, it’s hard to find someone who will defend the man in person. They understand what they are doing and those without the yard signs will turn out for Roy Moore like they turned out for Trump. They just don’t want to talk about it. I think this speaks to the racism and bigotry still present in many in the south and the fact Christianity has been hijacked by these same folks. It’s not cool in most cases to openly express your bigotry in mixed company but no one is there in that voting booth with the voter. Even though the margin between Moore and his competitors is slim and a runoff is likely these voters will turn out for Moore and put him over the top.

I never thought I’d ever type those words.

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