Kudzu in the Pines explores the perspective of a secular humanist from the Southern U.S. who is heavily involved in humanitarian work. The blog’s title refers to an invasive plant species that has spread among the ubiquitous pines of the South — a metaphor for a secular humanist in Bible country.

Warren Tidwell is a lifelong Alabama resident who has used blogs and social media to organize thousands of volunteers and secure millions in financial and material donations for disaster relief and recovery efforts. He worked as a volunteer in rural Hancock County, Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and drove over 11,000 miles in 12 weeks to create a network of small non-profits in the southeastern United States after the 2011 tornado superoutbreak. As a result of these extensive networking efforts, Warren was also able to help set up operations when subsequent tornado outbreaks affected Joplin, Missouri, and Piedmont, Oklahoma. Warren sparked a worldwide movement when he started 26 Acts of Kindness after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Warren recently completed a one-year deployment with the Humanist Service Corps working in the “witch camps” of Northern Ghana. He now spends his time supporting Foundation Beyond Belief and the Humanist Service Corps through advocacy and raising awareness of their efforts. His dream is to do humanitarian work with his son when he is older.