When did wearing a mask become a political statement?

When did wearing a mask become a political statement? May 26, 2020

For me, wearing a mask is the difference between breathing normally and having an asthma attack – an uncontrollable coughing fit until it becomes extremely difficult to breathe.

A mask helps me on an airplane, on a bus, in the theater, while standing in line, and many other places where I am close to other people.  Many fragrances and smoke are definite triggers.  For me, wearing a mask is not useless or any kind of statement.  A mask allows me to live my life as normal as possible, decreasing tremendous anxiety caused by the unknown scents I will encounter.  It is a matter of health.

These past few weeks, I have read many arguments attempting to discredit the use of masks to avoid the spread of COVID-19.  There are an equal number of arguments in favor.  It is reasonable to wear a mask to avoid the natural occurrence of spit gushing forth from our mouths while speaking or singing.  A person who is sick with an airborne illness can easily pass on the illness to another.  A mask quickly traps our saliva and avoids infecting others.  For this reason, surgeons wear simple, thin surgical masks while cutting into patients. I would not want the staff of the operation room to work on me without a mask.

Requiring the usage of masks these days in public spaces is not ridiculous.  It is the smart and healthy choice.  Masks work and save lives.

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