Atheist Pig Explains The Bible

Atheist Pig Explains The Bible July 9, 2015

Winston Hamilton, the Atheist Pig, has returned. Here is our hero discussing the complexities of the Bible.



Atheist Pig had closed down shop some time ago, as many of you may remember.  I was super not unhappy (sorry, that’s the closest to happy I get with my pants on) when I heard that Winston had come out of retirement.

You can follow Atheist Pig on Twitter @TheAtheistPig


Note: You won’t find this comic on his site today (7/9/15). It’s going up tomorrow.

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  • Kris

    I think I’d pay for Hamilton Notes on other works of fiction as well. Thanks for the share and the giggle!

    • Hamilton Notes=

      “A Clockwork Orange”: Teenagers be f–king nuts, yo. Also, brainwashing is bad.

      “Back to the Future Series”: Don’t go crazy just because someone insulted you, know that your future is up to you so make it a good one, ZZ Top rules, and Huey Lewis & the News really rules.

      “American Psycho”: Once again, Huey Lewis & the News is awesome! Also, check out these doubles! )=======>