‘Star Wars’ And Bad Science – Brian Malow

‘Star Wars’ And Bad Science – Brian Malow August 27, 2015

This is an older video, but the new Star Wars movie is coming out soonish and old debates regarding the franchise may resurface. Here is comedian Brian Malow talking about one particular vexing issue.


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  • vaiyt

    List of scientifically inaccurate events in Star Wars:
    – All of them.

    • When I saw Star Wars for the first time (8 years old?) I thought it was an odd choice to use the term parsec. The noise in space thing bugged my elementary school sensibilities, too.

      • Odd Jørgensen

        Fiery explosions too.

  • Bad_homonym

    It was later clarified in subsequent novels. The Kessel run involved running around the Maw blackhole cluster. Falcon was fast enough to skirt closer than anyone before, and as a result it traveled the shortest distance between the 2 points. It definitely was retroactive tho!

  • kardar233

    The two satisfactory explanations I’ve heard and read for the Kessel Run line are:

    1. The Kessel Run is a hyperspace shortcut through a black hole cluster, and the faster your ship is the closer you can pass by the black holes while still being able to escape. That’s the EU explanation.

    2. Han is just making up bullshit to con the two backwater moisture farmers he’s talking to out of as much cash as possible. Supported in one iteration of the script, which says directly after the line: “Ben reacts to Solo’s stupid attempt to impress them with obvious misinformation.”