8 Christmas Truths: #2 & #1

8 Christmas Truths: #2 & #1 December 25, 2015

#2  Someone unexpectedly me a gift, and I said,

“Fuck, why’d you do that for?”


Nice people, you know who you are. You spontaneously do nice things that take us, the not-so-nicers, completely  by surprise.

I just got  a very nice candy bar. It’s organic chocolate with fruit embedded in it. What makes the  situation worse is that the giver actually wrapped it  up. It just wasn’t Hey, I heard you would be hanging out, and I thought I’d pick up something at the 7-11 for you kinda gift.

It messes up my Christmas giving algorithm.

So, my new policy is that I’ll have an extra gift on hand. This backup present will be on deck just in case a nice person pulls this kind off crap on me in the future.


#1 Jesus, that guy gets screwed over every year.


Not my meme. Totally jealous. I should have thought of that joke. 🙁
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