Naked Diner Podcast Ep. 16 – Paul Fidalgo, Communications Director Of CFI

Naked Diner Podcast Ep. 16 – Paul Fidalgo, Communications Director Of CFI February 15, 2016

PaulA lot of hosts who are serious about podcasting are probably pretty concerned about “getting into the weeds” with a guest. Getting into the weeds can mean going off topic and into some sort of cognitive cul-de-sac where everyone is talking in circles round and round and round and round…

I’m not that guy.

My co-host Jack Matirko is a little bit more concerned about that, thank my fictitious God.

This week we start in the weeds with Paul Fidalgo. He is the communications director at CFI, blogger of iMortal, and runs the Thinkery Podcast. Instead of starting and talking about the recent CFI and Richard Dawkins Foundation merger I demand to know how Paul got banned from Amazon. Because in my day-to-day life I am far more concerned about pissing off Amazon than CFI or the Richard Dawkins Foundation.

Oh, we talk Shakespeare and shit, too. It’s a high class episode that you won’t want to miss.

Take a listen!

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You should follow Paul on Twitter! He’s got a lot of sharp and smart commentary during Thunderdome 2016 (the Presidential election).

You can check out my co-host Jack’s site that is full of ghosts of podcasts past!


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