The Dismal Science Goes To Hell

The Dismal Science Goes To Hell February 25, 2016

Here is a comic from Zach (yes, we’re on a first-name basis ever since we chatted on the Naked Diner podcast — his episode is coming out on Monday) over at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

Before discussing the dismal science, let’s soak in the funny from the comic.


For those of you who are unacquainted with the term dismal science, I will turn to an article from The Atlantic, Why Economics Is Really Called ‘the Dismal Science’. In it, the origins are traced back the Scottish thinker Thomas Carlyle. Here is how the phrase is used today.

Today, when we hear the term “the dismal science,” it’s typically in reference to economics’ most depressing outcomes (e.g.: on globalization killing manufacturing jobs: “well, that’s why they call it the dismal science,” etc). In other words, we’ve tended to align ourselves with Carlyle to acknowledge that an inescapable element of economics is human misery.

If you like the geeky/nerdy fun that this comic offers the world, then perhaps you should shekel up and donate a few?


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