Fire And The Fury On Saturday Night Live

Fire And The Fury On Saturday Night Live January 14, 2018



Fred Armissen showing up is not the only surprise in store for you when you watch Morning Joe Michael Wolff – Cold Open SNL

Check it out.

I haven’t read  Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House and there’s a good chance I won’t unless author Michael Wolff suddenly falls on hard times and shows up as a guest on the Naked Diner.

I should add that even though getting free books written by our guests isn’t the reason why I started podcasting, it is one heck of a perk.

In related news I was in NYC over the last few days and picked up The Tao of Bill Murray: Real-Life Stories of Joy, Enlightenment, and Party Crashing at the Strand Bookstore. I think I’m going to spend some time today in bed and educate myself on the Way of Bill.


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