The Islamic App And The Dominionist App

The Islamic App And The Dominionist App January 12, 2018


A Muslim firm develops an app to root out blasphemy, the US government  creates an app to find Muslims.

Islamabad, Pakistan – The Pakistani technology firm Haram Electronics is taking the Muslim world by storm with its newest app, Haramémon Go. The program is officially categorized as a game in the app store for Android and iPhones, but for the Islamic faithful it’s a fun way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven by identifying sinful behavior and reporting it to the local religious police.

God tells all in his new book God’s Diary: January 2017

Although the app is relatively new to the market, a precocious nine-year-old Rafi ibn Khadij is dominating the game.

Praise Allah I had very sinful parents, relatives, and teachers. – Rafi ibn Khadij

Pious parents are ecstatic that the app is so popular with children. Up until recently a majority of Pakistani moms and dads #1 concern were that their kiddies weren’t going out of the house and getting enough exercise. Haramémon Go incentivizes going outside to track down and report naughty Muslims as well as religious minorities like Christians who are being outright blasphemous by their mere existence.

The boys love playing Run, Jew! Run! Of course, there aren’t many Jews in Pakistan so the lads pick a Christian randomly and decide he or she is Jew for the Day. – Haramémon Go creator Mohamed Khanard

Surprisingly the app is catching the eye of many in the United States. The American faith-based tech giant Dominionist Technologies is watching how consumers interact with the app and possibly adapting the game for the United States government.

We need a way for God-fearing men, women, and children to report suspicious behavior in bathrooms. Transsexuals have been getting free access to our children in public restrooms. With our version of the game, we are going to put Jesus in each and every toilet and urinal in our great country. – Dominionist Technologies CEO Brian Flavell

CEO Flavell went on to say federal money flooded into his company from the Trump administration to assist in the app’s development.

Even though the Christianized version of  Haramémon Go isn’t ready to go on the market, there have been a record number of preorders.

There are rumors Haram Electronics will be coming out with an Islamic wristband later this year.



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