The Satanic Temple Earns A Win Against Twitter Stupidity

The Satanic Temple Earns A Win Against Twitter Stupidity January 15, 2018



Any sane person must occasionally pause in the morning before checking out the news. Minutes after waking up yesterday I learned three things:

  1. The Satanic Temple’s (TST) headquarters in Salem, Ma was threatened with arson via Twitter;
  2. When co-founder of TST Lucien Greaves tweeted out to what amounts to Hey, Twitter, isn’t inciting violence against your rules? his account got suspended;
  3. The national headquarters of TST in Salem was attacked.

Flash forward to today, I turned on my iPad with some trepidation. What new lunacy would greet me?

Thankfully it was good news.

Lucien Greaves posted this on his Facebook page this morning:


He went on to say in the comments this was the only communication he got from Twitter.

It’s a win against Twitter stupidity but you don’t have to be a prophet to see that it won’t be the last time TST will have to deal with such bigotry.



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