Brian Is Outed As An Atheist – Family Guy

Brian Is Outed As An Atheist – Family Guy February 6, 2018


Here is Family Guy – Brian Is an Atheist

Even if you’re not a fan of Seth MacFarlane’s  Family Guy you may find this clip funny.

Check it out.


One of the reasons why I self-identify as an atheist is to help lower the stigma of the “A” word. I’m fortunate in that my emplower(s) don’t care about my lack of belief in toxic fairytales. Living in a blue state helps, too.

However, one of my kids has been cyber bullied in part for being an atheist. You may say Andy, how do you know being an atheist had anything to do with the incident? I would kindly point out when the instagram account dedicated to making fun of your kid has the word atheist in it, then it’s self evident.

And, yes, the school resolved the situation quickly and efficiently. But I should mention that  two thirds of his class knew about the account. The account was around for quite some time before one of the students with a conscience mentioned it to the school authorities.

So there you go.

Hatred against atheists exists.

But you already knew that.


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