Doors To Keep Out The Homeless Installed At Church

Doors To Keep Out The Homeless Installed At Church February 19, 2018
Jesus’ heart is open. His house? Not so much.


A humble Catholic Church right down the street just got some new front doors. The old ones were old. Years of use took their their toll. Those old doors persevered against freezing cold, relentless rains, and scorching sun. Although they held up against the elements, they finally succmbed. They fell victim to the large homeless population that makes up the neighborhood.

”I walked into the church on Monday morning and there were several of the indigent sleeping in pews,” quipped Father Andrew Canard. “I grabbed a broom and helped them to the door yelling, ‘Jesus saves, but he’s not running a hotel!’”

Shortly thereafter The American Blast Door Company (ABDC)  paid a visit and switched the wooden doors meant for a simpler time to ones made from Chinese steel. The company’s website states their product will withstand hurricane category five winds as well as the prying fingers of the homeless.

”Each set are tested. Back at the factory these babies withstood days of homeless mothers and their children beating against them,” the ABDC professional who installed the doors relayed.

Members of the church are overjoyed with the change. Everyone agrees the newest structural improvement to the building is helping the body of Christ.

Here’s what some parishioners are saying:

  • When those doors are closed I can’t hear the poor people outside when they gnash their teeth in anguish.
  • We need to protect babies in womb with ABDC technology,
  • If Jesus had this kind of protection, then he wouldn’t have had to feed the 10,000. Security doors are the real miracle.

Local church leaders are concerned, however. Ever since Massachusetts passed a law making churches house the homeless, there’s been concern their state will pass a similar statute. “We’re hoping and praying that will never happen here,” signed Father Canard.


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