Does George Soros Own And Run Iceland?

Does George Soros Own And Run Iceland? February 25, 2018


George Soros dominates Iceland.
George Soros made Iceland his play thing.

Yes, billionaire George Soros owns the island country Iceland. New documents reveal Soros’ so-called philanthropic organization Open Society Foundations first purchased the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa in the 1970s. The Hungarian born Soros enjoyed the mineral-laced warm waters and fell in love with the country. Soros slowly bought the nation brick by brick. Now the entire nation is under the shadow of  Soros.

George Soros’ Hell On Earth

People love backpacking through Iceland. It’s a beautiful country blessed with the northern lights, geothermal springs, and the famed Hotel 101 in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik.

However, behind all the smiling faces and good times Iceland is a radical country driving on an on-ramp of destruction by its master, George Soros. Andrew Canard is an Icelandic truther. He was voted “Most Woke” at the 2017 Cryptozoologist Conference and obtained the hallowed Red Pill Trophy at the World Ice Theory Symposium. He’s been studying how George Soros manipulates governments around the world through political donations and campaign contributions:

The people of Iceland are under the spell of the poisonous political philosophy of progressivism. The people enjoy a high quality of life. They have universal health care. However, their education system is being run by those who believe in “facts” and “data obtained from experiments that can be replicated.” Icelanders have no idea what they are missing.

The Dark Conspiracy

Amongst the woke, it is widely known George Soros is in league with Lucifer, the Devil. Satan’s plan is to create a one world government where the Lizard People roam free, and nuns have to eat meat on Fridays.

The Satanic Mosque (TSM), the most prominent satanic organization in the League of Satan (other members include The Synagogue of Satan and The Vegetarian Devil’s Diner) denies any connection between Mr. Soros and the Devil. “Who are these people who believe this baseless poppycock?” ranted co-founder of TSM Lucifer Lucky. “The Devil is a fictional character Satanists use for inspiration. It’s absurd for anyone to believe a fictional character is in league with a billionaire.”

The Christian Response

Even to the casual observer of FOX News, it’s obvious the George Soros-President Obama alliance yielded poisonous fruit for evangelicals. Iceland declared Christianity a public health hazard and mandates warning labels on all Bibles. The worst of all was when Iceland banned white Southern Baptists from entering its borders due to the Trump travel ban.

Thankfully, President Trump is vowing to make Iceland Christian again (MICA). Vice President Pence launched an invasion of the country by the Department of Anti-Witchcraft. Unfortunately, the attack was defeated due to the fact thoughts and prayers don’t actually accomplish anything.

Hope For Iceland

Religious leaders around the world are moving towards a Grande Alliance against George Soros’ Atheist Iceland. Political Islamists and radical Christians are forging ties to defeat spunky and godless Iceland. Sources state the religious fanatics realize that even if one country becomes openly atheist, then their faith-based political brand will suffer.

Citizens of Iceland are not too concerned. “We can handle ourselves. I think we can survive the onslaught of Muslim djinn and Christian imprecatory prayers,” one Icelander quipped.


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