James Dobson, Focus On The Family, And The War Against America

James Dobson, Focus On The Family, And The War Against America February 28, 2018


I like listening to Dan Carlin’s podcasts Hardcore History and Common Sense. Every once in a while Dan notes he aspires to live in the America he was sold as a child. It’s an America where everyone has a fair shake. If you’re Black you don’t have to worry about walking down the street (walking while Black – WWB). Corruption is something only despotic regimes are engaged in. And America is a beacon to the world. It’s a beacon lighting the way to a civilized, happy, fruitful future.

As many of you know James Dobson and his ilk are waging a war against that America. Comedian Nathan Timmel writes about Mr. Dobson and the organization he founded Focus on the Family. 

Enjoy this very special What Would Jesus Do Wednsday (WWJDW) rant.

What happens when have staunchly-held ideas and want to force them upon people? You get James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family.

Focus on the Family is just what Christianity needs in the modern world: extreme beliefs.

Has abstinence-only sexual education ever worked? Of course not! In fact, states that push for abstinence-only programs often see higher rates of teen pregnancy than those that take a comprehensive, contraception approach. But does that stop Focus on the Family from championing abstinence-only programs? Of course not! Truth be damned, there’s only one approach to life, and that’s to shout, “No!” at kids and to have them take cold showers.

Are same-sex couples dangerous to children who need adoptive parents? Of course not! Healthy two-parent homes are beneficial to children, no matter the sexual orientation of those two parents. Does that stop Focus on the Family from actively preaching against and championing legislation preventing adoption by same-sex parents? Of course not! Facts should never get in the way of beliefs, even if those beliefs are rooted in fairy tales.

Is creationism real? Of course not! Science continually updates and improves evolution, making it near-impossible to disprove using empirical evidence. Does that stop FOTF from pushing their belief that a magical being snapped his fingers and created the universe? Of course not! Overwhelming evidence be damned, there’s nothing like ignoring everything around you and using one non-fact-based book to hold over your head like John Cusack holding a boom box.

Is divorce a sin? Of course it is! FOTF thinks divorce is horrible, which is why founder James Dobson himself stated that a Donald Trump presidency would be a “good start,” as “Hillary scares me to death.” That’s right, a thrice-divorced, sexually-assaulting/multiple-adulterer would be a “good start” to getting America on the right path. Dobson had the courage to look past a woman that worked to save her marriage despite her husband’s faults and went with a man that cut-and-run every time he wanted to play around.

(And who even did play around many times, including with pornography stars immediately following the birth of one of his sons.)

Is premarital sex a sin? Of course it is! That’s why FOTF wants everyone to remain chaste and pure until marriage. Forget the fact that many divorces (don’t forget: divorce also = sin) come about due to sexual complications within a marriage. What are “sexual complications?” Well, that can mean just about everything. Many people are into different things, sexually speaking. Many people have different libidos. It takes different strokes to move the world, and what might feel good to you might not feel good to some (to paraphrase the popular song). Why NOT find out if you’re compatible AFTER you’re already hitched? What could go wrong? Affairs/infidelity? Pshaw.

Are LGBTQ rights damaging to America? Of course not! LGBTQ people are, and this is shocking, I know, people! People who want the same things as straight people: to be loved, to love another, to have a job they love, raise a family, and basically get by in life without the threat of violence against them simply because they exist. Does that stop FOTF from actively fighting/opposing legislation that normalizes and/or protects LGBTQ people? Of course not! FOTF ignores basic decency and humanity, believing the best way for an LGBTQ person to get equal rights is to pray themselves straight, and therefore “normal.”

Is alcoholism (or any other form of substance abuse) bad? Of course it is! But is it something that should be treated through a combination of therapy and/or medical ways? Of course not! No, there is no greater power than God, so if you’re still an alcoholic, you haven’t been praying hard enough? Get out of rehab and onto your knees, sinner!

For all these reasons and more, Focus on the Family (and especially founder James Dobson) deserve an award for courage.

The courage to fly in the face of all that’s good and decent and take the moral low ground by proclaiming to on the moral high ground deserves recognition.


No single rant can encapsulate a life like James Dobson. For more you can check out his Wikipedia page. 

Do you have a favorite James Dobson moment? Feel free to write about it in the comments!


Comedian and author Nathan Timmel writes WWJDW (What Would Jesus Do Wednesdays) here on Laughing in Disbelief. His books include  Are You There, Xenu? It’s Me, Nathan and  Hey Buddy…: Dubious Advice From Dad.

You can find Nathan on his site and @NathanTimmel on Twitter. 

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