Norway Bans Bibles From Schools

Norway Bans Bibles From Schools February 13, 2018


Oslo, Norway – Prime Minister Andrew Canard of Norway signed a bill into law today banning the Bible from school libraries. The law totally forbids the so-called holy book of Christians from elementary schools (ages 6-13). The Bible is to be allowed in lower secondary schools (ages 13-16) under tight supervision. Taking a page from a recent Icelandic law mandating warning stickers on all Bibles, upper secondary school (ages 16-19) students will have Bibles in school libraries. However, the books will be adorned with the aforementioned stickers.

Secular Self Protection

Growing Christian religious fanaticism is a concern for this Scandinavian country. Its population of 5 million is looking at Russia and the United States and saying to the world We don’t want our country to be controlled by power-hungry religious elites.

Prime Minister Canard explains:

The Russian Orthodox Church is in league with Vladimir Putin. Evangelicals voted overwhelmingly for Trump. I don’t even want to mention the clear and present danger the pedophiles in Rome pose to our children. It’s clear we are encircled by Christian radicals who would only be too happy to put Norway on track to another faith-based Dark Age. Today Norway is fighting back.

Norwegian Parents Support Secular Values

A recent poll indicates 87% of Norwegian parents are in favor of banning Bibles in schools.

Here are a few typical responses:

  • The only parents who want young children near that book are ones who never read it.
  • I don’t want my seven-year-old thinking they are going to hell and tortured for eternity.
  • I think there should be a law stating a child should see The Life of Brian  once a year.

Christian Responses

Christian leaders around the world are decrying the latest attempt to stop their 2 thousand plus-year-old scheme.

“How can we brainwash children if we don’t have access to them whenever possible?” quipped one honest and inebriated vicar. “It’s the death of tradition. It’s the death of hope. It’s the death of the tradition of giving us money in the hope of a fantastic afterlife.”


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