White Nationalists To Shoot Black Panther With All-White Cast

White Nationalists To Shoot Black Panther With All-White Cast February 18, 2018
These fans are looking forward to the upcoming whitewashed Black Panther movie.


The movie  “Black Panther” is set to make history as the first blockbuster to feature a black superhero and a mostly black cast. The story revolves around the adventures of T’Challa, the new king of the fictitious African kingdom of Wakanda. While the flick is gathering many glowing reviews, white nationalists are saying they are going to shoot the movie scene by scene with an all-white cast.

”This is just another case of white genocide,” stated Executive Producer Andrew Canard. “White people in America are a minority, and our rights are being infringed on by having “Black Panther” feature a mostly black cast.”

The Birth of a White Black Panther

The idea of taking a shot at reshooting the movie started out as a joke in various alt-right online forums found on 4Chan, High School Dropout, and My Sister Is My Wife. In a short period of time, that joke got a lot of attention. A GoFundMe page launched to fund the all-white project. It was soon overflowing with donations.

Executive Producer Andrew Canard is heading what’s being called “Black Panther: White Pride In Black Africa.”

Mr. Canard explains:

“Black Panther” put white America in the back of the bus. “Black Panther: White Pride in Black Africa” is kicking the blacks out of Africa. In my movie, Wakanda is run by brave white settlers who initially colonized the land millennia ago. Not wanting to mix with grossly inferior blacks around them, Wakanda hid from the world. By keeping their racial purity, these whites in the middle of black Africa developed superior technology and an advanced society.

Republican Support

The movie is attracting big money from members of the Trump administration. Leaks from the White House tell how many high ranking officials are funneling money into the movie.

”They had me at shoot and Black,” said one anonymous President.

There are expectations “Black Panther: White Pride in Black Africa” will be completed just in time for the 2020 election. GOP strategists predict President Trump’s base will be energized by the uplifting message of the film.

Other White Supremacist Films in the Works

If the upcoming white separatist movie does well, then there is talk other films will be rebooted for Trump’s ‘Merica.

Potential projects include but are not limited to:

  • The Birth of a Nation
  • Glory – The Story of Blacks in the Confederate Army
  • White Men Really Really do Jump

Who knows if those new versions of old classics will get remade? Many supporters believe it’s in the hands of the Almighty and blond, blue-eyed Jesus.


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