Melania And Stormy Daniels In New Netflix Show ‘My Donald’

Melania And Stormy Daniels In New Netflix Show ‘My Donald’ March 13, 2018


First Lady of the United States Melania Trump and porn star Stormy Daniels went to Twitter today to announce their new Netflix show My Donald. The show is being created by the same team that brought us The People vs OJ Simpson and The Muppet Chronicles: Triumph of the Will.

My Donald follows Mrs. Trump and Stormy Daniels as they go about their lives in the shadow of on Donald J. Trump. Episodes are rumored to include an intervention for Melania concerning her relationship with the Donald. Friends and family lure her into a Newman Marcus store for some shopping. Instead of a shoppers’ delight, the First Lady is confronted with the many sins of her husband. Episodes also include Stormy Daniels undergoing experimental procedures to erase her memory of the commander-in-chief’s wang, knobber, John Thomas, member, plonker. In other words, his dick.

Republican lawmakers are up in arms about My Donald. With the midterm elections fast approaching, GOP candidates are rushing about trying to make themselves look wholesome and Christian to their constituents. Now they have to answer questions about the Netflix show. “I’ve been to confession five times this week, and the only thing voters want to talk about is Melania’s cervix. I don’t even know what a cervix is,” stated Senate candidate from Maine, Andrew Canard.

Democrats are secretly thankful Netflix wasn’t around when Bill Clinton was President. “Can you image Monica Lewinsky’s series?” asked an anonymous Democratic congressman.

Netflix hasn’t set a release date for My Donald.


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