Who Was Austin Bomber Mark Conditt? Some Answers.

Who Was Austin Bomber Mark Conditt? Some Answers. March 21, 2018


Police identified the Austin Texas bomber who took his own life as 23-year-old Mark Conditt. NPR reports his bombing spree left two black men dead and several injured. Mark was homeschooled by his mother. Mark wrote a blog while attending Austin Community College in 2012 that showed he was a conservative.

Here’s what he wrote for his profile.

My name is Mark Conditt. I enjoy cycling, parkour, tennis, reading, and listening to music. I am not that politically inclined. I view myself as a conservative, but I don’t think I have enough information to defend my stance as well as it should be defended. The reasons I am taking this class is because I want to understand the US government, and I hope that it will help me clarify my stance, and then defend it.

Did you get a chill down your spine when you read “and then defend it”? I did.

Here’s a blog post of his position against gay marriage.

Why gay marriage should be illegal
In response to Ms. Sweet’s post about why gay marriage should be legal.

There are a couple things wrong with your argument that I would like to correct. First, falling in love is a choice. When you “fall in love” you become infatuated with your significant other, and you will eventually fall out of love.

Second, yes, the government shouldn’t tell them whom they can and cannot marry, but we shouldn’t even have this problem! Homosexuality is not natural. Just look at the male and female bodies. They are obviously designed to couple. The natural design is apparent. It is not natural to couple male with male and female with female. It would be like trying to fit two screws together and to nuts together and then say, “See, it’s natural for them to go together.”

In addition, political protection of a sexual practice is ludicrous. I do not believe it is proper to pass laws stating that homosexuals have ‘rights.’ What about pedophilia or bestiality? These are sexual practices. Should they also be protected by law? If homosexuality is protected by law, why not those as well?

I’m sure there will be more revelations in the next few hours about the bomber and his motivations.



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