Nazis Hate THC Fueled 420

Nazis Hate THC Fueled 420 April 20, 2018
Nazism defeated by marijuana.

All around the world stoners are lighting up blunts, bowls, and joints to celebrate marijuana and Nazis hate them for it. Nazis regard April 20th as sacrosanct since it is Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

Andrew Canard is the Grand Cyclops of the 23rd Brigade of Brownshirt Young Republicans and organizes protests against marijuana’s 420. “This is just another example of white genocide. White culture should be celebrated today. Instead, centuries of progress is literally going up in smoke.”

Stoners seem to be an unlikely foil for National Socialists who want to create a white ethnostate. However, numerous scientific studies show a vast majority of chronic users have little to no interest in invading Poland. “Poland? I don’t think I even know her,” one smoker said. “Isn’t she Trae’s sister?”

There are academics who dedicate their lives to studying Nazism and bud. These socio-political experts universally tell Nazis they are fighting a losing battle against the chronic. “They should give up and choose another day to do their Nazi-thing. With the legalization of marijuana, April 20th is going to become Stoner-Christmas,” one anonymous academic stated.

Many rank and file Nazis are asking their leadership to do something a little less hateful and more in the spirit of the true reason for season — marijuana. Nazi leadership isn’t having it. In a memo, head Nazis demand stoners change the day of their celebration, since their holiday is “made up.” Hitler was born on April 20th. Nazi scholars state marijuana’s real birthday is sometime in the spring.

Seeing there is no “marijuana leadership” it seems highly unlikely the marijuana anarcho-syndicate is capable of meeting Nazi demands even if they were inclined to do so. Many users of the bud shrug their shoulders and say “Haters are gonna hate, but … “ and then trail off and talk about Adventure Time.

In completely unrelated news, Attorney General Jeff Sessions still hates the Devil’s weed. And that pleases Satanists.


I want to apologize to the 2 or 3 readers who regularly show up here on Laughing in Disbelief. While I am probably the only blogger to commemorate 420 here on Patheos, I never made jokes about Hitler’s birthday coinciding with 420. Please accept my apology. From now on April 20th will depict the eternal conflict between National Socialism and chronic.


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