Why Many Religious People Support President Trump

Why Many Religious People Support President Trump April 3, 2018

If hypocrisy were sugar, then every evangelical supporting President Trump would have diabetes. The Bible Belt would be on a 24 hour seven day a week insulin drip. I’ll cut this metaphor short before mentioning amputated appendages.

Oh, maybe I just did.  :/

The blatant faith-based tribalism of many who support President Trump is a constant topic here at Laughing in Disbelief. Let’s take a gander at some of the more memorable posts:

Personally speaking, the 666 tattoo bit is my favorite.

But I digress.

Brian Dalton of Mr Deity fame has a new video out WOTM: The Wisdom of Dennis Prager and King David. Brian is funny while he devastates the conservative case for President Trump.

Check it out.

Brian was on the Naked Diner podcast a while ago and we had a great chat!


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