Neil Cavuto Slams President Trump

Neil Cavuto Slams President Trump May 4, 2018


FOX News personality Neil Cavuto went on air last night to remark on President Trump’s penchant for not telling the truth. And he did it with flair and style.

Here’s the video Cavuto: Is Trump giving the media very real ammunition?

Pretty brutal. My favorite part was ”None of this makes what you say fake. Just calling out the press for being so, a bit of a stretch.”

I remember my high school English class when we read Julius Caesar. Marc Antony’s speech I have not come to say Caesar was a crook, a liar, and someone who hates democracy but to bury him comes to mind.

Thinking about Neil Cavuto and his take down of President Trump provided some inspiration for this little Spuds Hannity comic.




You can check out other Spuds worthy comics on his Facebook page.




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