WARNING! Intellectual Dark Web Smells Like Cabbage Farts

WARNING! Intellectual Dark Web Smells Like Cabbage Farts May 25, 2018
Your humble servant.

After hearing so much about the Intellectual Dark Web on Twitter and Facebook, (Instagram has stayed strong and stuck to hot girls promoting their cam sites) a local atheist decided to see what was going on and instantly found the place stinks like cabbage farts. “One click and before I noticed Jordan The Truth is Best Defined as the Best Strategy to get what you Want Peterson and Ben Shapiro are members of the Intellectual Dark Web my nose was assaulted with the smell of rancid cabbage farts,” he stated.

The local atheist had to run out of the room several times to hold his breath and then return to his IPad to explore the smelly world of dark intellectualism. One of his favorite comics, Joe Rogan, is on the site. The local atheist really likes Joe and sees him as someone who is incredibly wrong on certain issues but is earnestly trying to figure things out. I heard Joe say a few times on his podcast that untraditional pronouns are just ‘made up words.’  C’mon, my 13-year-old knows better than that. I don’t think that argument should get you a hallowed position on any site labeled ‘intellectual’, the local atheist thought.

There are some people on the Intellectual Dark Web who shouldn’t be part of that circus sideshow. Dan Carlin, the host of the podcast Hardcore History, is one of them. Dan’s several-episode analysis of World War I is epic. That work he did on the Mongols is some of the best podcasting anyone has ever done.  Why is Dan on the Intellectual Dark Web? Well, there are people (Joe Rogan for one) on that site who are his friends. He probably wants the exposure to a broader fan base. After all, Dan needs to pay his mortgage. Capitalism has a way of making whores out of people, the local atheist thinks as he cashes his check from a website owned by Christian evangelicals.

The local atheist thinks if the Intellectual Dark Web were really honest with itself it would place him on it. If they really cared about open discussions shouldn’t they have someone telling them the site smells like cabbage farts?



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