‘People of Light’ Officially Call The Age of Guilt Over

‘People of Light’ Officially Call The Age of Guilt Over June 23, 2018



Russian Bot 272 is a representative of the People of Light, a group once known a white people. He proudly announced the Age of Guilt is officially over. The official statement came in the comment section of the Breitbart story Al Sharpton Thinks More White People Would Care If Police Were Shooting Them In The Back. 

Here are excerpts from Russian Bot 272’s declaration:

Let’s get something straight. If non U.S. citizens are a race, then U.S. citizens are a race, which makes the democrat party the most virulently bigoted and racist organization in the U.S.

In the last 50 years the greastest help to the black community has been President Donald J. Trump.

That great white man, Sir Issac Newton showed that white light is made up of several colours. None of them black or brown.

The Age of Guilt is over.

Those who have wronged us should be happy they are still alive.

Everyone in the Breitbart comment section lauded Russian Bot 272’s concise thinking and all-American position on police brutality.

MAGA MAN is a stalwart supporter of Russian Bot 272 and had this to say:

Whites are being drvien into extinction. But its not because they chose to be its because the globalists/satanists have infiltrated their countries and attacked them. A big part of the reason their able to do it is because of the altruism of white people I truly believe that. Whites are almost like sheep in a lot of ways and aren’t nearly as quick to group together to defend themselves against a common threat as other races like blacks hispanics and asians. It is interesting, I was watching a nat geo show and it was showing how when giant Japanese hornets attack asian bee colonies the whole colony resists it whereas when it attacks Europeon bees they fight back one at a time and so they perish. European people are like their bees they build the greatest countries in the world but their much less quick to defend them from infiltration and attack.

However, the comment was quickly taken down by moderators due to the fact watching a ‘nat geo show’ sounds a bit too elitist.

The Satanic Mosque (TSM) responded to the charge they are in beds with globalists by saying TSM does not endorse any economic model. However, TSM kindly suggests MAGA MAN should be awarded for his work in attempting to make the United States of America into a People of Light’s version of Venezuela.


Yes, I was on Breitbart today and checked out the comments. MAGA MAN is a direct quote bomb of dumb and Russian Bot 272 is a mishmash of several deep thoughts. 

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