The Intro To Jordan Peterson’s ‘12 Rules Of Life’ Is Zany

The Intro To Jordan Peterson’s ‘12 Rules Of Life’ Is Zany June 14, 2018


I broke down last night and bought Jordan Peterson’s  12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos and, wow, there’s a lot of 8 day old overly ripe bananas in there.

I’ve only read through the introduction. It’s penned by Dr. Norman Doidge, MD, who knows Professor Peterson. Dr. Doidge wrote about Peterson the academic as well as Peterson the man.

I took to Twitter to express my responses. Some of them are funny. Some are ridiculous. Hopefully all will entertain you.

I’m going to give a synopsis of each one of those reactions. Having you guys read the intro of each tweet (I’m reading through the introduction of Peterson’s 12 Rules of Life) isn’t fun for anyone.  If you want to check out the originals, then head over to the Twittertubes.

OK, here we go! These bits are in order. In other words, the first ones are from the early parts of the intro. The bold and italicized script is from the original tweet and what follows in normal text is some bonus content.


  • The author talks about the myth of the golden calf but fails to mention Moses supposedly killing gaggles of people for worshipping the idol. Nice moral fable. Theists love to tell you about holy puppy dog and rainbow stories but hesitate to mention things like And then a bunch of people were killed because the Sky Fairy wasn’t happy.
  • Crappy and shallow writing. The author says the television camera can pick up on people who are authentic. No. Television cameras makes hucksters and honest people alike shine. 
  • Professor Peterson had Soviet propaganda everywhere in his house as a warning against totalitarianism. Smells like a petri dish for an anxiety disorder. To a hammer everything seems like a nail. I think living in home adorned with Soviet art to the max naturally leads you to think nontraditional pronouns naturally leads to the gulag.
  • The intro of the 12 Rules of Life warns of hubris and simple minded approaches. Funny. Isn’t one of the rules making your own bed?
  • What’s weird is that the author of the intro of 12 Rules of Life lauds the Bible but doesn’t mention Christianity gave birth to the Holocaust. IT WAS NIHILISM AND ATHEISM!!!
  • How can atheists follow this claptrap in the 12 Rules of Life? The author states religion and evolution are compatible. Sure they are if you’re doing one of them wrong. There’s no evidence of God. Brian Keith Dalton (Mr. Deity) just reiterated that little point.
  • The writer says we don’t suffer because politicians are dimwitted or the system is corrupt. I’d say corrupt regimes and dimwitted politicians drive countries into economic ruin and suffering. Suffering is baked into the human condition. However, there’s a big difference between Norway and Mississipi.
  • Everyday Millennials aren’t cursed en masse with not knowing right from wrong any more than previous generations (remember, there was a debate about slavery.)
  • The author makes it sound like the political left are the only ones whoring around on Facebook virtue signaling for likes. 
  • Isn’t existential nihilism’s table where the adults sit? Christ, ball up (or ovary up?) to the table, create meaning in your life and get on with it. Existential nihilism brings about despair as much as free comic book day. 

Well, that’s it. I will be starting chapter one later today.

See you next time.




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