Hitler Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

Hitler Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before July 20, 2018
Here is Adolf preparing to audition for Mel Brook’s The Producers.

I’m going to make a confession — Nazis intrigued me as a kid. I read through The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany in high school. My summers were spent in the library thumbing through the pages of World War II (39 Volume Set) by Time Life Books. And how could I forget being traumatized by watching the Holocaust episode of the  The World at War series?

Maybe that explains my fixation on President Trump and his band of National Socialists Christians?

Growing up I was also a Dr Who fan. Yes, those were the dark days of horrible special effects. But Tom Baker was electrifying playing the fourth incarnation of the Doctor. And if you like the character, it doesn’t matter how unbelievable those angry mobile pepper shakers are.

Here’s another confession. Even though I loved Dr. Who I grew up hating time travel stories. Too many people shooting their own grandfathers sort of thing. Strangely enough Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure share the coveted position of Stories with time travel that don’t stink. Bill and Ted’s tale was so silly it didn’t matter.

And that brings us to my latest short video Young Hitler.

Check it out.

Yes, that’s me playing the role of Hitler the Elder, and that’s my kid playing Hitler the Younger. Dan Harold (who happened to be a guest on one of the episodes of the Naked Diner podcast) runs Scrupulous Productions and supplied the cameras, lights, and assassins. We shot it one afternoon and had a lot of fun doing it.

If you’re a regular here at Laughing in Disbelief, then you’re aware my sense of humour (using the English spelling to class up the joint) isn’t for anyone. This became evident while we were filming. The two of us were bantering about, and it caused one of the production assistants to cringe so much she ended up in a fetal position on the floor.

And that’s the healing power of comedy, friends.

BTW, this isn’t our first time together in front of the camera. We did another short with Scrupulous Productions named Father. It’s a casual look at the Cain and Abel story.

Take a gander.

Scrupulous Productions has a Patreon account. If you like their work how about throwing them a few shekels?

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