Kangaroos Make Their Home In Supreme Court

Kangaroos Make Their Home In Supreme Court July 10, 2018
Roe v Wade getting the knockout punch.


Washington DC – A mob of kangaroos is making its home in the Supreme Court of the United States of America. These Republican “roos” are out of control and are quickly making a mockery of women’s rights, gay rights, and non-pouch related issues.

”One minute the Supreme Court isn’t a joke and the next we have the world’s largest marsupials taking the office supplies and putting them in their pouches,” stated Court reporter Andrew Canard.”Oh, we see you High Justice Jill. Stop the insanity and put the stapler back now!”

A group of kangaroos may be called a mob, a troop, or even a court. Apparently, the kangaroos who are now living in the Supreme Court plan to behave befitting those names. In a written statement the kangaroos pledge to:

  1. Act like mob when it comes to attacking unions.
  2. Behave like a loyal troop of white evangelicals.
  3. And whatever they do never ever forget they are a kangaroo court.

Rank and file Democrats don’t understand how another entire branch of the US federal government is going to be under the sway of Republicans. Many are just waking up from binge watching Luke Cage and other Netflix shows to see America is in the fast lane to becoming a banana republic just like Venezuela.

“Oh, Republicans say they love freedom and America, but what the right-wing oligarchs really want is total control of the economy. And they made a deal with evangelicals who want to control agitated vaginas and penises that don’t meet Jesus’ standards,” quipped one irritated blogger.

Experts don’t expect Democrats are going to learn anything from the rampaging kangaroo menace. For too long the party has nurtured the idea people should focus on winning court cases as against to winning the hearts and minds of voters who don’t share their views. In the light of recent events, it’s highly probable the American left will double down on losing strategies.

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