President Trump And Kanye West To Record New Album

President Trump And Kanye West To Record New Album October 17, 2018

While touring East Africa with his wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye West announced a musical ‘Grand Alliance’ with President Donald Trump. The self-proclaimed musical genius, fashion genius, and architectural genius is planning to finish his ninth album, Yandhi, in Uganda. But working with Trump is what’s really on his mind.

“I’m a human being. President Trump is a human being. We aren’t perfect. What we are busy doing is being 110% amazing. That’s what our album MAGA MEN is going to be about,” Kanye yelled to reporters.

MAGA MEN For Every American

Kanye West is known for working with a variety of different artists. His music has shifted over time incorporating diverse influences like hobgoblin pop, post industrial Smurf, and rococo baroque. The big question is how will his partnership with President Trump affect  the music in MAGA MEN?

Young Thug Canard is a noted rapper in his own right and worked on projects with Kanye in the past. He had this to say about the MAGA MEN project:

Kanye and The Donald are sharing their stories about going against ‘traditional wisdom’ and winning it all. We got song titles brewing like 13th Amendment, and a really tight cover of the classic tune by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCarthy Ebony and Ivory.

Young Thug Canard had little else to say except listeners were going to love the sound of Stuka dive bombers.

President Trump Responds

The White House confirmed the Grand Alliance between the command-in-chief and Kanye West. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told a White House Press Corps that “The President has the best singing voice in the world. It’s perfect. And the biggest.”

President Trump visited the US – Mexico border in hopes of energizing the Republican base for the midterm elections. After spouting the typical xenophobic message about illegal anchor babies raping jobs and stealing white women, Trump talked about the other ventures he and Kanye are involved in:

We are making big beautiful buildings right here in the United States. Kanye and I are designing buildings together. Think of it. These towers are going to be beautiful. They’re going to be like the Cheesecake Factory but bolder.

He continued to say the two men love the Cheesecake Factory, and believe they can make every day in one of their new buildings seem like a Saturday night at the Factory.

Some pundits believe Kanye is positioning himself for a run for the White House in 2024. Others believe the two men are just looking to make more money at all of our expense.

Only time will tell whether or not the two men can work in harmony.


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