Poor White People Aren’t The Problem

Poor White People Aren’t The Problem November 2, 2018

Liberal Redneck’s new video Liberal Redneck – If You Don’t Vote, You Ain’t Shit is well worth your time.

Take a gander!

I was looking through some old posts of mine and saw this little bit from August 2016::

One disconcerting issue is that SPES may well cause many voters to stay home on election day because it’s assumed the primary carriers of WCA, the Republican Party, is destined to go down in flames in this election cycle. Those who are lifelong citizens and yet casual observers of how shit gets done in America may not realize that there are many close races for seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Even if SPES doesn’t destroy Hillary Clinton’s chances for winning the Presidency, it could very well cripple her term in office due to a Republican-controlled Congress.

The post was satirizing liberal hubris. I think it’s singing the harmony to Liberal Redneck’s song.

On a positive note, I suppose we don’t have to worry too much about liberal hubris right now.

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