Oprah/Biden Is The Best Chance Democrats Have In 2020

Oprah/Biden Is The Best Chance Democrats Have In 2020 January 10, 2019

Well, here we are. 2020 is no longer so far away in the distance. It’s slowly creeping up. Candidates and soon to be candidates are testing the waters and their perspective donors’ wallets. It’s a magical time when you think about it.

The air is crisp with possibility.

Everyone seems to have their dream ticket. These potential candidates sum up the hopes and dreams of their fans and followers.

Not me. My hopes and dreams are somewhere back in 2016. I just want to defeat the GOP and salvage as much of the Republic as possible. And that’s why my dream ticket is Oprah/Biden. They’re the best chance for Dems to win the White House and take the Senate while keeping the House.

You may think there are better tickets. That there are people more qualified for the job than Oprah.

Of course there are.

But she’d win. And we get to see Oprah put the smackdown on Trump.

That’s mother’s milk.

Change my mind, Disbelievers, in the comments below.


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