Vice President Pence Kicked Out Of Iceland

Vice President Pence Kicked Out Of Iceland January 7, 2019
Iceland tells the world religious fanatics are not welcome.


Reykjavik, Iceland – Icelandic officials prevented Vice President Mike Pence from entering their country today. Law enforcement informed the Vice President and his team they were following the recent law protecting the populace from religious fanatics.

In 2017 Iceland’s parliament passed a Southern Baptist travel ban. The article Atheist Iceland Issues A Travel Ban Against White Southern Baptists helps explain the reasoning behind the law:

Four out of five white evangelicals voted for Trump in last year’s election,” explained Professor Andrew Kannard of the Icelandic Institute. “The government doesn’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of all the sects that comprise evangelicism in the States. They just decided to start with the most toxic group.”

There are 330,000 people living in Iceland. An overwhelming majority support the travel ban against white Southern Baptists. The country has deep roots in democracy. The nation is credited with having the first parliament back in 930.  The public takes the Trump’s administration jihad against voting rights, science, and anti-environmentalism seriously.

When asked how long the ban will last President Lars Bork quipped, “I don’t know. We have to take the time to figure this thing out.”

Many in Iceland view Pence’s attempted trip to the island nation as a way to test the waters and see how serious the government is in keeping out religious fanatics. “The Americans just learned we mean business,” one anonymous Icelander stated. “Those people can’t even keep their own government running. What makes them think they can come over here and preach to us?”

Insiders report Vice President Pence never got off his plane. An irritated Pence vowed to drown the country in Chik-fil-A wrappers, American made cars that don’t work, and MAGA hats.

Icelanders aren’t taking the threats seriously. Most are waiting until 2020 and hoping the Democrats don’t mess things up again.


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