UN Issues Travel Warning For US Side Of The Mexican Border

UN Issues Travel Warning For US Side Of The Mexican Border February 13, 2019


The United Nations is recommending no one travel to the US side of the US-Mexican border. The warning states that no one should travel within 50 miles of the boundary between the two nations.

The proclamation refers to the deteriorating condition of the United States under President Trump and the hazards his administration is creating. Andrew Canard is Iceland’s representative to the United Nations and helped draft the resolution. “More guns in the US and a fraying social safety net is creating chaos throughout the country,” he stated. “The US side of the border is being particularly hard hit. I’m not saying it’s like Western Europe during the Dark Ages where violence, disease, and Christian fanaticism held sway. I’m not not saying it either.”

Locals React

Americans living on the border have mixed reactions to the United Nation’s edict. Some confuse the UN with Star Trek’s United Federation of Planets.  “I don’t think it’s a real thing,” one Texan said. “But I feel threatened. I’m buying more guns.”

Rio Rico is a hamlet in Arizona and is a stone’s throw away from Mexico. Sheriff Kevin Anderton is the law in those parts. He believes the travel warning is a good thing and is no fan of the president. “Trump screwed me on my taxes with his tax cut,” he observed. “I owe taxes this year! That’s the kind of management he’s bringing to the border.”

President Trump’s supporters are still sticking by their man. If anything, they are ecstatic Trump is triggering the “libtards in the United New York City Nations” and happy there will be less foreigners hanging around.

The Future

Economists believe the US economy will take a hit due to the lower economic activity from the travel warning. Canada, on the other hand, looks like it will benefit. It will inherit many of the refugees from Central America and enjoy a wider tax base by the influx of motivated workers.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pledging to air lift many asylum seekers to the Great White North. He told the press it was the only humane thing to do, “We can’t just sit by and let those poor souls head into the United States. They don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.”


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